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  1. Like Fatman_uk already said, we can call this product : PAINoxy. My back became so dry with this product that I cannot turn my head because my skin torn. I try the gel and the aquagel and it's doing the same horror. Try the brand solugel this will kick off your acne
  2. Who tried to make their own 2.5 bp and what is your impression ?
  3. Rabb1t what is the name of the brand of your bp and how much gel contain a tube?
  4. She live in Canada and the price of Neutrogena on The Spot is about 9$ + tx CAN. It's very expensive.
  5. Trin, how do you know that your back will be clear ??
  6. Yes mercer, it's cuz you don't apply it on your back
  7. Joey, this not bleaching your shirt ?? And the regimen worked for your back ?
  8. Oh no My first shirt is scrap. This happen when I wash it. I don't want to wear always a white shirt. Someone have tips ? I think I should wear 2 shirts at the same time noooo it's the summer
  9. BP bleach shirt when you wash it or when you wear it ?
  10. Merci Vanessa, yes the last time I bought bp was at Jean-Coutu but it's 8,45$CAN and for me, it's very expensive. If people make their own 2.5% bp with moisturizer, do they need to apply moisturizer after ? Ou bien c'est une pierre deux coups ? Thanx!!
  11. This should be very expensive. How much bp do you buy each month ?
  12. How much bp use for all face ? not just a small place like dan Tanx!!! Hope you enjoyed the topic !!!!