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  1. i am in the same boat as you! i am on day 8 and my breakout started... its not as bad its just like 3 or 4 zits but my skin was down to one zit!! anyway its really hard not to pick at my skin, so im tryin really hard not to. and stick with it, its definitely working for me! i just am pissed that in the second week you get a breakout.
  2. oh my god no!!!! i did this and it gave me cystic acne everywhere!!!!
  3. Nice, yeah they sell jojoba oil everywhere. I didn't even by the moisturizer cause i knew it wouldn't work for me, becuase i have the driest face known to man.. so iv been using the aha cream i think youll like it, but yeah wait till week two if your face is really peely. i found it also helps if you take tweezers and pull the dry skin off that way your not irritating the rest of the skin around the dry area.
  4. I feel the same exact way as you, but this went away after awhile because my face got used to the bp and such. and i too have been washing my face after every workout and putting bp back on it?? i dunno its working for me! let me know what you guys do...
  5. i did the same thing as you, at first i didn't buy the jojoba oil, and then i went to my local vitamin shoppe and i got a big thing of jojoba oil only for 9 bucks! good deal! anyway what i do is, i wash with the cleanser and then i put on the BP and i have added like 12 drops to my AHA lotion and it works wonders. I am on day 5 and my face is tight every now and then, but it hasn't peeled or anything like that. Also i am starting to see results but im just getting past the purging stage of regim
  6. gymjamjojo

    Ioanna's Regimen Progression

    So im gonna try to do a day by day acne shot.
  7. So this is my before picture. and i will keep you guys update with my results. day one baby!!!
  8. gymjamjojo

    skin peels, so it get rid of acne scarring drying, however it doesn't pull, so it doesn't feel like its cry but it does flake off. it works better than anything iv ever tried before, and iv done everything, including accutane.Nothing works faster and better than this stuff. Butt.... you gotta order it online because they don't sell it anywhere.