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  1. Thanks everyone for the advice! It's a little difficult for me to start on a diet right now... I'm living with a host family and I can't expect them to buy different foods and completely change their routine for me. Plus they don't really understand what I'm going through... I have tried talking with them. I eat as healthy as possible and don't touch dairy and avoid gluten and sugar as much as possible. But I do know that I'm not eating as much fruit and vegetables a back home... but there r
  2. First of all I'd like to say 'well done!' - you seem to be treating your acne correctly and naturally! I'm really impressed by your efforts. It could be a hormonal thing... made worse if you're stressed out (sometimes we don't even know if we're stressing)... and I guess the more we stress over our acne, the worse it get - vicious cycle! Also possibly if you are on the birth control pill or something like that? When did you start on the herbal regimen? All the best!
  3. Thanks for the advice, I'll definitely look into Accutane some more. And thank you for the link about your Accutane journal - it's helped me out a fair bit. Good luck!! I just don't know whether it is possible for me to start on it straight away, or whether I will have to wait two months until I'm back in my home country. I know the course for Accutane is around 15-20 weeks, and I wasn't sure whether moving countries in that time would cause complications or not. Thanks for the info on the
  4. Hi there, I only just signed up on here, so I hope I'm posting this correctly! I'm 17 years old and I currently have painful, red and inflamed cystic acne, mainly on my face (chin, jawline, cheeks). I have always had problematic skin, but it has become extremely bad during the last 9 months. As I'm sure many people can relate to, I've tried basically everything. I'm all out of ideas, and have no idea where to turn.... I'm considering Accutane, but I just wanted to hear what other's