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  1. Accutane has been a very positive experience for me, check out my log. I'm nearing halfway now and its going great
  2. Well right now I have no acne so I'm feeling good and I'm hoping it stays that way but I agree with this in ways:
  3. You're definitely making good solid progress, good on ya!
  4. Thanks mate I really appreciate the kind words I'm glad you made the decision to go ahead and give it a try, I also put it off for years - I know its said a lot on successful 'tane logs/stories but I really do regret not taking it sooner - its done me a world of good not only in terms of my skin but my confidence. The hardest part was the first week or so for me, its different for everyone but keep in mind what you are trying to achieve in the long term if it gets tough to handle, best of luck
  5. Yep, I've got hyper pigmentation where they were and also quite a lot of scars. for some reason my face hardly scarred that much but the top of my back scarred a lot, even though I always picked at my face! Thanks man, I know what you mean with the redness. The redness for me seems to have passed now but sometimes if I'm doing something strenuous (like excising) it will flare up a bit, hang in there
  6. I've got not so good comments from people that aren't my friends, but yeah my friends never mention it either. I've only ever talked about it to my closest friends and they have always been supportive, I've always kept it to myself though mainly so I don't think they know how much it bothered me.
  7. Thanks soulivan, means a lot Day 42: So its been a little while since my last update and I'm now roughly 1/3rd of the way through the course. Its still flying by. I don't have any new side effects to report thankfully! Lips have been dry as a desert and sometimes very sore and bloodied when I've woken up in the morning but thats stopped as of around 5 days ago (never forget your lip balm or whatever you use for dry lips - I did once and couldn't stop myself licking at my dry lips which only
  8. I always felt like I was being held back by my acne and like I could never reach my full potential. I tried the 'f*ck it I don't care anymore' method and it would last maybe a week at best until I would get another round of breakouts and go straight back to square one. I think its because of the way my acne would change in severity so often I couldn't be sure what my face would even look like every day I got out of bed... Its because of this that I chose to go on 'tane and now and I'm glad of t
  9. Thanks guys I appreciate it! My skin hasn't been this clear for literally 6 years... long may this continue!
  10. Day 26: Saw the derm, blood tests were fine so I'm continuing with 60mg a day for another 12 weeks (16 weeks total). Really happy about that since I will finish the course before going back to university again. Skin is still clearing up nicely, still have dry skin and lips are getting ridiculously dry now (nothing Vaseline can't handle though) and sometimes bleed a little but apart from that, nothing else is new. Flying through this now, I still remember to take the pills obviously but i
  11. I'm a young guy and my sex drive isn't that high but I've managed to do okay with the ladies some how haha
  12. It only stops you having sex if you let it. You can use it as an excuse to believe in rather than trying to overcome it with confidence. I know, I've been there myself but it isn't true.
  13. Hi there! What made your first week so tough (just so I can prepare myself)? When did things start to eventually get better for you? Thank you, it means a lot Good luck you Roaccutane-er (that name is genius )!! I started getting facial flushing and that horrible sunburn feeling on my face mildly at first but it started getting more and more intense, it did leave after a little while though but then the initial breakout came which was horrific, I had acne literally everywhere on my