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  1. mozzy

    Day 4

    Day 4 in and nothing much to add except I'm not having any side effects as yet but with me only being on 10mg I'm not really expecting any, Still have puffy eyes this morning but I do have some nasty cysts between my eyebrows so that could be the cause.....my skin is still oily so I'm hoping once I go up a notch with the isotretinion that should dry me out a bit!! Well, see what tomorrow brings..............
  2. mozzy

    Day 3

    Only taking the two 500mg erythrymicins today as it's a 5 out of 7 dose of isotretinion/accutane at the moment so having today off. My eyes were quite puffy this morning but not putting it down to any allergic reactions though. Probably just co-incidence, they have been getting swollen recently anyway with the rosacea....well, tomorrow's another day.....
  3. mozzy

    Day 2

    Day 2. Hubby thinks there's a slight improvement in skin tone but I'm not so sure......maybe he's just trying to cheer me up!! Still a lot of whiteheads and oilyness but hopefully that will improve. I wouldn't have thought it would have even reached my system properley yet.
  4. mozzy

    Day 1

    Just taken my first 10mg isotretinion with 500mg erythrymicin. Think I'm on this dose for the next 3 weeks then will be reviewed for a higher dose then.
  5. Hi everyone, Just got back from the hospital armed with 10mg isotretinion and erythrymycin 500mg for the first 3 weeks then back to derm to go up to, not sure, but I think he mentioned 40mg but I'll find out for sure when I go see him........well, he goes!!!!!!! I'm keeping a daily blog for the duration so hope this helps anyone else thinking of trying this drug for rosacea........
  6. Hi everyone, What a great site this is!! Starting on isotretinion on the 18th November after years of rosacea and failed antibiotics and creams. Currently have a very severe case of gram negative folliculitus too which is very debilatating and sooo sore and itching. Well, here's hoping for Friday and starting this course and hoping it does the trick!! I'll keep a record on here to let you know how I get on!!