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  1. mozzy

    Day 24

    Skin doesn't seem to have suffered from having foundation on yesterday so I'm gunna put some on today as I need to go out and there's no way I'm going over the doorstep with out makeup on. It feels a lot smoother these days. Still very dry and cracked lips but nothing too bad Only one whitehead at the moment at the side of my mouth so that's good going for me. Well, 'til tomorrow......................
  2. mozzy

    Day 23

    Well, today I've put foundation on for the first time in 5 weeks so hope it doesn't make my skin any worse, will know more tomorrow how it is but it's been lovely being able to look in the mirrow and see this god awful red mess looking back at me. Think I'll leave it on a little while longer as it's just nice to feel "normal" for a change. No major outbreaks of whiteheads to report, skin still dry and flakey but manageable. Skin generallly is feeling a lot smoother which is nice and th
  3. mozzy

    Day 22

    Went to see dermatologist today and he's keeping me on 10mg for another month as well as the 500mg, twice a day, of erythromycin. Quite happy with that I have seen improvements on this dose so believer that it will continue to improve. He did mention me having some laser treatment when I finish this course on the NHS. No real difference in skin today. Not many whiteheads and oil production is minimal. Redness is just the same Well, 'til tomorrow.............
  4. mozzy

    Day 21

    Well, thats 3 weeks on isotretinion and it's gone sooo fast. Back at the dermatologist tomorrow so we'll see what he has to say. Think he might be upping the dose. Just had 5 days out of 7 for the last 3 weeks so maybe I'll be taking every day. Skin is still very dry especially on my scalp and forehead so just keep smothering with simple moisturiser and vaseline on my lips. going to ask if I can start putting foundation on so I can go out in daylight hours for a change.....havent been go
  5. I believe you need to have tetralysal out of your system a week before you start accutane but don't quote me on that, thats just what Ive read on here. Good luck with the accutane by the way, i'm on it 10mg since 18th november for rosacea and it's really starting to work!! By only raking it for 2 days it won't make any difference to the effectiveness. All the best
  6. mozzy

    Day 20

    Well, quite proud of myself yesterday as I opened the door to the delivery man and had NO MAKEUP on!! Don't know who got the biggest shock; him, at the sight of me or me for actually doing it. I did hesitate at first but then though, what the hell, and opened the door. And today my friend came round, again no make up and the door bell went so I asked her would she mind getting the door and she did but shouted me as it was another delivery which needed a signature so I had no choice but to do
  7. mozzy

    Day 19

    Well, so much for not having many whiteheads........spoke too soon. Woke up to a little clump of them down the side of my nose and a few on my chin. Oh well, it could be worse. Still very red in the face but maybe not as red, bordering on a salmon,pink colour!! Not a lot to report today so that's all for now 'Til tomorrow.............
  8. I'm looking for that same answer,too!! Maybe someone out there will help us out!!
  9. mozzy

    Day 18

    Well, my skin is a lot smoother these days and not so dry, Mind you, im putting a lot of moisturiser on before bed which is helping. Always been a bit wary of over doing the moisturiser but my skins that dry I have to or im just peeling all day. Hope its not clogging up my pores too much. The redness is a lot better today, not amazing, but a lot better. Lips still chapped but I can live with that. Not as many whiteheads today, either, so all in all a good day!! It all could change tomorrow bu
  10. mozzy

    Day 17

    This morning my skin didn't look as red, more a salmon colour in appearance so hopefully this could be a breakthrough. Not as many of the little whiteheads now on my chin and when I do get them they don't hang around for very long and most of them just wash off. I'm upping my moisturiser now, Simple light moisturiser on a morning and evening as my face is quite dry now and still using the vaseline. Got one painful active on my cheek which is sore to touch and still have the rash thing on bot
  11. mozzy

    Day 16

    Last night before I'd washed my face it actually looked paler than it had done for ages and I'd been out in the wind and cold which I thought made it worse, it just goes to show it's not what you think will cause the redness that does it but what you're not aware of that's the biggest problem. suffice to say, when I washed it this morning it's gone back to normality, i.e.red and sore looking with flakey skin thrown in for added measure! The rash thing on my cheeks doesn't look as inflam
  12. mozzy

    Day 15

    Well, these days are just flying by......can't believe this is day 15. My face is looking more red today and quite dry but I guess this is just the side effects and they'll lessen in time, or at least I hope they will. Not as many whiteheads down the side of nose but still quite a few on my chin and nose. This rash thingy on my cheeks is really getting to me now as it's spreading to my neck as well. Well, that's all for now 'Till tomorrow..........
  13. Hi, I felt really sad reading this and just wanted to reach out and give you a hug. It's easy for me to say your skin really doesn't look bad at all but when you're wearing it it's the biggest thing ever. I have very bad skin, acne rosacea, and have had it for over 20 years. This summer was particularly bad and I quit my job and just stay inside now not wanting to see anyone because of the way I look. On top of the rosacea I had gram negative folliculitus which was the worst case my dermato
  14. mozzy

    Day 14

    My day off the isotretinion, only take the erythrymycin today....Notice that my cheeks are quite pimply which I'm not sure what has caused that, could be the cetaphil wash or some other side effect, who knows. Skin is still quite dry and lips chapped but as long as I keep applying vaseline they're ok. Still very red, well,more like salmon coloured skin now really Getting whiteheads on my nose now and I NEVER get spots on my nose!! Scalp is very dry but at least my fringe isn't as greasy
  15. mozzy

    Day 13

    Being having very strange tickly feelings on my face today; not sure if it's the isotretinion or just my skin drying up, it's as if someone's tickling my face with a feather all the time. Well, my skin is definately all lot drier today but still getting a lot of whiteheads. Oh well, nothing I can do about it so no point in fretting about them, I know they'll go eventually but they're outstaying their welcome now!! Well,'til tomorrow.............
  16. mozzy


    Not a lot of change today, didn't expect to see any improvement as such at this earlier stage and such a low dosage but still want to keep the blog going....if only just to give others a chance of reading it and hopefully getting something out of it. face is a lot less dry today but don't know if it's over-use of moisturiser or that my body is getting used to the drug. Lips aren;t as chapped either. Well, 'til tomorrow.........
  17. mozzy

    Day 11

    Not a lot to report really. Still a lot of whiteheads on side of nose and on chin mostly and a lot of pimples on my forehead. Skin still very dry and lips cracking but thats about the extent of the side effects so far. Hope to go up a dose next week to get rid of the little blighters Well, 'til tomorrow...........
  18. mozzy


    Well, today is my "day of rest" from isotretinion and only take the anti-biotic. Skin looks less red this morning and using the cetaphil facial wash is certainly helping to keep it from stinging. Still getting the whiteheads and the papule/pustules on my chin hurt like hell but so much better than it was so I can live with them little suckers Hope tomorrow I see more results, my lips are quite chapped still and skin is flakey but not as bad as I'd expected though, Maybe this will get wor
  19. mozzy

    Day 9

    Skin is definately not as oily as it has been pre-accutane but still erupting with these painful whiteheads. The ones on my chin are so sore and look a mess. Washed my face today with cetaphil gentle face cleanser which didn't irritate my skin like simple face wash has been so heres hoping I can continue with it. Will get the face moisuriser to go with it,too. Slight improvement on the redness today so hope that continues to improve 'Til Tomorrow.......
  20. mozzy

    Day 8

    Chin today feels very sore with these pustule/papules. Skin looking less oily at least but lips are getting cracked a lot now but hey....these side-effects aren't too bad. My face is getting quite dry now too.
  21. Hi, I've just finished my first week on 10mg and I've have no serious side effects, only dry skin and cracked lips but that's nothing compared with the good skin you'll get at the end of it. I've had a few quite painful papules on my chin but no major breakout. I'll be going up a dose in 2 weeks when I go back to see the dermatologist Well, all the best
  22. Hi, wishing you all the best with your accutane adventure, I too, am taking 10mg per day for severe rosacea with pustules/papules. This is my first week and I've been keeping a daily log of events.....in the hope it will give fellow sufferers the courage to give this a try Looking forward to reading your blog next week
  23. mozzy

    Day 7

    That's my first week then on 10mg isotretinion. It's hard to say if they've made much difference to be honest but I guess there's a slight improvement already in the number of whiteheads but my chin and jawline have some very painful papules/cysts and a cluster of pustules which just looks like one enormous zit!! Oh joy!!! The skin is a lot less oily already and my lips are slightly cracked but that's the least of my problems Another 2 weeks on 10mg then back to see derm about uping
  24. mozzy

    Day 6

    Well, no puffy eyes this morning so hopefully it isn't anything to do with meds. Lips are cracking a lot now so slapping on the vaseline. skin still quite oily but not so first thing when I wake up so maybe things are drying up at last. Still getting quite a lot of whiteheads but they're not as painful as they have been. Tomorrow is my "day of rest" from isotretinion, just take the anti-biotic as I'm on 5 out of 7 days for the first 3 weeks then I hope it'll be everyday after that. Til
  25. mozzy

    Day 5

    Day 5 already!! Still no marked improvement but that's just me being pessimistic!! My skins certainly no worse than what it was when I first started so I'm ok with that. Eyes aren't as puffy ths morning which is a plus. My lips are slightly chapped but nothing too bad and my skin is very dry and peeling but that's just what rosacea does to it anyway.....it's a bitch!! Well, 'til tomorrow.............