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  1. mozzy

    Day 45

    No actives at the moment or whiteheads which is nice. Reddness is calm in colour at the moment with no oilinesss or flakiness. Lips aren't so bad. Still using simple cleanser to take off make-up and moisturiser at night and cetaphil cleanser on a morning with moisturiser. Well, 'till tomorrow.............
  2. mozzy

    Day 44

    Little change today. Spots on chin seem to have gone. Lips still not needing vaseline so thats good. Not a lot to say really,so..... 'Till tomorrow..............
  3. mozzy

    Day 43

    Still have the pimples on my chin but they're nothing too bad, just annoying as I've been clear of anything for a couple of weeks and thought I'd not get anymore spots........who am I trying to kid!! skin still smooth albeit quite dry so put lots of moisturiser on on a night. Lipa aren't too bad, in face, haven't put any vaseline on today which is good for me. Well, 'ill tomorrow..................
  4. mozzy

    Day 42

    Seem to be having a mine breakout on chin with small pimples. Skins feeling a little itchy too like it used to do before I started on the isotretinion. Hope I'm not going backover with this and it's only a blip. Been on these now 6 weeks on 10mg so maybe I'm just hitting the breakout period. Might just have a day in tomorrow without make-up in case I'm blocking my pores up with foundation and see if that helps to clear up. Well, 'till tomorrow.................
  5. mozzy

    Day 41

    Chin is quite bumpy today for some reason; not whiteheads but hard, red bumps. Oh well, have had a good run so far with no breakouts so maybe this is the dreaded BP starting!! Wasn't going to put on any make-up but decided I couldn't go all day looking at these pesky bumps so put some on nose and chin Well, 'till tomorrow....................
  6. mozzy

    Day 40

    Well, just a few red bumps under the skin but no proper spots at the minute. Reddness is still a big issue but that'll only be dealt with by laser treatment so will just have to rely on foundation to cover up, at least the dry skin has gone and spots so can apply makeup without it looking hideous on top of flakey skin and pustules. Having a day off foundation today so I'll not be answering the door if the bells goes!! Well, 'till tomorrow......................
  7. mozzy

    Day 39

    No real change in skin today other than the reddness seems to be getting much paler on my cheeks and forehead. Only a couple of whiteheads on my chin and on right cheek. No oil at all which is amazing considering only on 10mg daily plus lips aren't as dry anymore. No dryness at all but only using cetaphil on a morning now so that might be why. Well, short and sweet today!! well, 'till tomorrow.....................
  8. mozzy

    Day 38

    Well, I'm glad santa didn't leave me any little gifts by way of spots during the night!! Still a matte finish without oil and smooth to the touch. Only had to put on a little foundation to cover reddness this morning which was nice not having to layer it on thickly but, hey, all that could change tomorrow!! No whiteheads at all at the moment which makes a nice change. Well, 'till tomorrow.......................
  9. mozzy

    Day 37

    Skin is still super soft and smooth. No whiteheads at the minute only a few little raised red bumps down the side of nose/cheeks area which aren't whiteheads and are hardly noticeable. Reddness this morning was a lot paler. Still no oil on face which is remarkable considering I had a big problem with an oily complexion and it's lovely to put on foundation knowing that it's not going to slide off by lunch-time and not have to mop up with a load of oil sheets. well, 'till tomorrow......
  10. mozzy

    Day 36

    Skin today is still very smooth and whitehead free which I'm pleased about. The reddness is still there and I guess always will be unless the laser treatment I'm getting will treat this but at least I can now wear make-up which covers the spots and most of the reddess. Has anyone else out there had laser treatment for rosacea which has been successful in toning down the colour? Would love to hear your stories. Well, 'till tomorrow.........................................
  11. mozzy

    Day 35

    Well, probably shouldn't say this but haven't got one whitehead on my face. I can't remember the last time my face was this clear of those pesky little things......No doubt one will come up while Im asleep tonight just to prove me wrong! Skin still smooth and not as red in colour, a lot paler than of late. It'll be 5 weeks today since starting on 10mg plus erythromycin and the derm did say I'd start to see results in 6 weeks so I'm happy so far Well, 'till tomorrow.....................
  12. I've been taking 10mg every day for the last 5 weeks and only had minimal eye dryness for the first couple of weeks and my face is dry if I don't moisturise but nothing major. No other dryness anywhere else. Hope this helps.
  13. mozzy

    Day 34

    Skin si super smooth at the moment, hope it lasts. I can't remember the last time it was this smooth and free of bumps and spots The reddness is a little calmer today and doesn't seem to have suffered after me last night slathering on the moisturiser as my face was quite dry yesterday. Wearing foundation today as I went out, wouldn't dare go out without it on, mind you, I have to when I go to the derm every month but it's a case of run to the car and keep my head down the whole time I'm i
  14. mozzy

    Bah! Humbug!

    Hi, your skin's looking really good now so don't let it stop you having a fab time in London!! All the best Mozzy
  15. mozzy

    Day 33

    My, these days are flying by......... No oil at all on my face these days even on 10mg day which I think is helping to keep the little whiteheads at bay. Wearing foundation today as had to go out which I always enjoy as I feel half human with my mask on and not looking in the mirror at this awful red face, must remember to moisturise though tonight after Ive taken off makeup as the other night I'd forgotten after cleansing and my face in the morning was very dry and flakey. Skin still ve
  16. mozzy

    Day 32

    skin still very smooth and no new spots so am happy. Still the same amount of reddness but less heat to the touch so that calms down the colour. Just used cetaphil and simple moisturiser today, no make-up Forgot to put moisturiser on last night and this morning I could tell as my skin was really flaky and lips were dry. Well, 'till tomorrow.......................
  17. That looks very sore but you will have lovely clear/smooth skin in a little while so all the best on your journey x
  18. mozzy

    Day 31

    Well, the zit on my chin/jaw is drying up nicely. They don't hang around for long these days, thank god, Skin is much paler first thing when I wake up then gets redder as the day goes on. Still putting a lot of moisturiser on, especially at night, and the vaseline on my lips but they're no as bad these days Not a lot to report at the moment with regard to any diffence in skin tone,etc,except my skin is so much smoother now since starting the isotretinion which makes applying make-up so
  19. mozzy

    Day 30

    Huge cyst on chin isn't so bad this morning, it has gone down a lot overnight so I'm pleased about that. Putting make-up on today as going out so will have a day off tomorrow to let my skin recover, I'm finding that it's not getting as dry as it was in the early days, not sure why but maybe things slow down the longer you take it. The reddness is also getting paler in colour also. Wonder if there is anyone else reading these blogs who is on the same dosage for rosacea and how they are get
  20. mozzy

    Day 29

    Last night my hubby was saying how good and smooth my skin was looking and I was feeling quite good about myself, first time in a long time. Fast forward to this morning.....HUGE cyst on my jawline, cheers!! Nasty white/greenish pus filled zit which is just a smack in the face I need, Thinking it could be as I've just had a period and I've been wearing foundation this last few days so maybe my pores have got blocked. Going to spend the weekend tucked in and not wear any make up and see if
  21. mozzy

    Day 28

    Just got one nasty cyst type thing on my left cheekbone which is very painful, not a whitehead but looks like it has a clear liquid in but there's no way i'm sqeezing.......I'll let nature take its course on that one. Lips aren't as dry today surprisingly as it's been very cold and windy out today so thought I'd be suffering but not so. Skin is still red but not as bad as it has been, maybe it is starting to fade a bit now, not holding my breathe though as tomorrow could result in me look
  22. mozzy

    Day 27

    Skin isn't at all hot at the moment, just a little warm. The reddness is definately toning down but not enough to be seen without foundation but I yearn for the day when I can leave the house without it. This is the last day of week 4 and so far I'm happy with the results. My derm said I would see good results after week 6 so only another 2 weeks to go then should see a lot happening.....just hope it's not when I get the breakout which I haven't had yet!! Well, 'till tomorrow........
  23. mozzy

    Day 26

    Awww, thankyou, so far, so good, but it could all change in a blink of an eye so not counting my chickens just yet!!
  24. mozzy

    Day 26

    Well, today I am staying in and going without makeup to give my skin a chance to breathe. Juat hope no-one rings the doorbell, well, if they do i'm not answering. Don't think It's done any damage having foundation on for the last few days but getting the stuff off causes it to become redder than normal so that's not a good thing........anyway, the weathers awful out there so i'm in the best place. Only a couple of whiteheads remain around my mouth and chin so that's good. Still a lot of r
  25. mozzy

    Day 25

    My skin has cooled down a lot this last few days even with the high colour, it is definately cooler to the touch. Not so many whiteheads at the moment but as you all know, that can all change over night!! Have foundation on again today as had to go out of the house so tomorrow I must stay in and abstain. Taking 10mg isotretinion every day now instead of just 5 days out of 7 with the antibiotic, erythromicyn, so I'm hoping my skin will continue to improve on this dose and not get too re