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  1. I forgot to add that my daughter has just completed her second week on 30mg on her second course of isotretinoin. She was treated successfully in 2012 but unfortunately has had to have another course as a "top up"! She had no hesitation in taking the medication again as she had brilliant results the first time and I'm sure it'll work just as well this time. Good luck with everyone who is taking this life saving product and don't forget you're not alone! X

  2. Hi, Just want to give you some encouragement on your journey.

    Both my daughter and myself have taken isotretinoin with excellent result and very minor side effects such as chapped lips and achy joints but we'd suffer those ailments any day of the week rather than the painful skin condition that is acne..

    Both our journeys were back in 2012. I was on 20mg every other day for the first month also. I hope you can access my blog for this experience then you can read how well it worked for me. I think I ended up with 2 blog accounts but there's only a couple of posts in one but many more in the other so I hope you can find the right one. I'm not very good with computers so I don't know how to delete that surplus account!!

    Feel free to reply or message me on here if you're in any doubt or just need someone to chat to. All the best x

  3. Hi, wishing you all the best with your accutane adventure, I too, am taking 10mg per day for severe rosacea with pustules/papules. This is my first week and I've been keeping a daily log of events.....in the hope it will give fellow sufferers the courage to give this a try

    Looking forward to reading your blog next week rolleyes.gif

  4. Hi everyone, Just got back from the hospital armed with 10mg isotretinion and erythrymycin 500mg for the first 3 weeks then back to derm to go up to, not sure, but I think he mentioned 40mg but I'll find out for sure when I go see him........well, he goes!!!!!!!

    I'm keeping a daily blog for the duration so hope this helps anyone else thinking of trying this drug for rosacea........

  5. Hi everyone, What a great site this is!! Starting on isotretinion on the 18th November after years of rosacea and failed antibiotics and creams. Currently have a very severe case of gram negative folliculitus too which is very debilatating and sooo sore and itching. Well, here's hoping for Friday and starting this course and hoping it does the trick!! I'll keep a record on here to let you know how I get on!!