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Blog Comments posted by mozzy

  1. hi there, you MUST way a sunscreen whilst on this drug as it very potent and will damage the skin if it's not protected, You will need plenty of vaseline for your lips as they will peel off constantly and you will also notice that your joints will ache also. Just minor side-effects to the results that you will see being on this wonder drug. I'm on month 5 and my skin hasn't looked this good since before puberty and that's going back 30 years so get excited but also just be aware that it is a very powerful drug and take all the precautions that is asked of you and be very stringent on keeping your skin and lips moisturised,

    All the best on your journey........not long to wait now!!!

  2. Hi Sue, congratulations on your new baby!! What a lovely christmas present that must have been!!

    Keep positive because your skin will get better and better with every pill you take and the initial breakout doesn't last forever and you know that it's at least working on your skin......more than can be said for these anti-biotics. It's still very early days. I also saw a private derm as my appointment on the NHS, I live in the UK, was a 12 weeks wait, and I was going crazy with my skin and so I saw a derm the very next day I rang up and he said my skin was the worst he'd every seen in over 40 years!! Well, I've been on accutane now 10 weeks and it's never looked so good so just hang in there and it WILL get better and you'll forget you ever had bad skin.

    All the best,Sue

    Mozzy x

  3. Please don't give up, it will get better and as Paul says you're half way there and in a lot of cases their skin really starts to improve after the course has finished. My daughter was on this dosage and it took at least till the 4th month for her acne to start to improve and by month 6 she had lovely, clear skin so just have that image in your mind and keep positvie.

    All the best with your journey x

  4. Yeh, I'm pleased with the results so far. It's amazing when I wash my face now I don't feel as I'm washing a book written in braille!! My skin has never been this smooth since I was at school.

    You look like you had a great time in London, glad you enjoyed yourself!!!

  5. Hi, I felt really sad reading this and just wanted to reach out and give you a hug. It's easy for me to say your skin really doesn't look bad at all but when you're wearing it it's the biggest thing ever.

    I have very bad skin, acne rosacea, and have had it for over 20 years. This summer was particularly bad and

    I quit my job and just stay inside now not wanting to see anyone because of the way I look. On top of the rosacea I had gram negative folliculitus which was the worst case my dermatologist had ever seen so he put my on

    a low dose isotretinion, 10mg, and erythrymicin to help clear it up. Have been on it just 2 weeks and very little improvement really but I have to stay positive because if I don't im just going to spiral down again and I don't want to go there again.

    Please stay strong and remember nothing lasts forever