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  1. I forgot to add that my daughter has just completed her second week on 30mg on her second course of isotretinoin. She was treated successfully in 2012 but unfortunately has had to have another course as a "top up"! She had no hesitation in taking the medication again as she had brilliant results the first time and I'm sure it'll work just as well this time. Good luck with everyone who is taking this life saving product and don't forget you're not alone! X
  2. Hi, Just want to give you some encouragement on your journey. Both my daughter and myself have taken isotretinoin with excellent result and very minor side effects such as chapped lips and achy joints but we'd suffer those ailments any day of the week rather than the painful skin condition that is acne.. Both our journeys were back in 2012. I was on 20mg every other day for the first month also. I hope you can access my blog for this experience then you can read how well it worked for me
  3. mozzy

    Month 9!

    Well, this is the end of the road on my accutane journey! Nine months I have been taking this wonderful drug and now i've been told that this is it and i'm effectively "flying solo" managing this rosacea problem. I'm still taking anti-biotic daily, 1000mg erythromycin, so hopefully thngs will carry on going good as i've had no pimples or pustules for the past 7 months!!! incredible. I would urge anyone who has acne rosacea and are at the end of their tether with this condition to seriously t
  4. mozzy

    Month 6!

    Well, I don't know where these last few months have gone!!!!! Been to see my derm. Dr Gartner, today which was his last consultation with me so I see another one next month. Hope he's as nice as he was. He's dropped me down to 10mg daily instead of 20mg alternate days for the next 3 months so that'll take me to 9 months on isotretinoin. I'm stil taking 1000mg erythrimicin also so im well dosed up to fight these little buggers!! Must say my skin is totally spot/papule/pustule/whitehe
  5. hi there, you MUST way a sunscreen whilst on this drug as it very potent and will damage the skin if it's not protected, You will need plenty of vaseline for your lips as they will peel off constantly and you will also notice that your joints will ache also. Just minor side-effects to the results that you will see being on this wonder drug. I'm on month 5 and my skin hasn't looked this good since before puberty and that's going back 30 years so get excited but also just be aware that it is a ve
  6. I can't believe it's been 2 months since my last confession!! On the skin front things are just as I 'd left them really 2 months ago which was pretty good considering where I'd come from 13 weeks previously!! Still no actives and no oily skin so i am still very happy with the results that isotretinoin has afforded me. Still visiting dermatologist every month for the same script - 20mg alternate days 10mg alternate days. The redness still persists as I knew it would but that doesn't bother
  7. mozzy

    Week 14

    Here we are again, Week 14 already Just a little update, nothing too major to report other that a few new little papules...........think thats what they are. Little hard red lumps that dont bother me but are a little painful. Oh, and my knees and hips are really starting to ache and hurt alot when i come down the stairs. It could be arthritis, My feet get really sore,too but well, beats having a face full of spots, and thats the choice I have at the moment. Having bloods taken next week at
  8. All the best on "your journey". I am on 20mg alternate days, 10mg alternate days and it's been a wonder drug for me so wishing you the same results......Good luck and keep those lips smeared with a good lip salve
  9. hi, i got the clear fluid filled spots after a few weeks but don't worry, they don't hang around for long, but don't squeeze them, they really hurt if you do
  10. mozzy

    Week 13

    Well, here we are again Not a great deal of change from last week other than a new bump/papule, whatever, on the side of my nose/cheek area plus the 3 other ones that I've had for weeks now which don't seem to want to leave my face. No oiliness at all and my skin's stil super smooth. The only thing that bothers me now is my hips and knees are really stiff at the moment but Im not sure if it's just old age creeping up on me or it's the dosage but it's so low i wouldn't have thought itt wou
  11. mozzy

    Week 12

    Well, at the derm yesterday and he's kept me at the low dose, 10mg alt. days and 20mgs alt. days plus the ertythromicin,250mg, four times a day. It's seem to be working well for me this dosage so i'm happy to just go along with it, I'm to have bloods done a week before my next derm appointment to check cholesterol levels and stuff so hopefully they'll be fine and I can stay on this dose. He mentioned again the laser treatment after I finish this drug treatment, for the erythema so I'm hoping tha
  12. mozzy

    Week 11

    Well, here we are again. Week 11 already!! Skin first thing on a morning before I wash is deffo a lot lighter in colour to what it has been. Not sure if that's because of the length of time on isotretinoin or the dosage being increased to 20mg every other day to 10mg for the last month. I'm at the derm next week so I might ask him what he thinks. Skin is still super smooth. In fact, this morning after I'd washed and dried it I just gently stroked my face, I know, this sounds weird, but it
  13. Hi Sue, congratulations on your new baby!! What a lovely christmas present that must have been!! Keep positive because your skin will get better and better with every pill you take and the initial breakout doesn't last forever and you know that it's at least working on your skin......more than can be said for these anti-biotics. It's still very early days. I also saw a private derm as my appointment on the NHS, I live in the UK, was a 12 weeks wait, and I was going crazy with my skin and so I s
  14. mozzy

    Week 10

    Well, it's been 7 days since my last blog and have only noticed 2 new little papules on left cheek along my nose which I'm sure won't hang around for too long. No whiteheads to report either, I can't remember the last time I had one!! The reddness, to be fair, is quite apparent at the moment which I'm not sure why. It could be the increase dose every other day of 20mg or the fact that I'm applying foundation every day and the process of having to remove it with cotton pads could be irrating
  15. mozzy

    Day 54

    Well, I think I've just finished my eighth week on isotretinion-so how was it for me: I'm very pleased with the results so far and would urge anyone who has rosacea with papule/pustules and who are looking to see improvements in skin texture as well as no zits then I would say "give it a go" I'm going to update weekly from now on as I'm just repeating the same thing every day now unless something major happens then I will update sooner. Hope everyone else out there who are on this jou
  16. mozzy

    Day 53

    No major problems with skin at the minute although as we all know, only too well, that can all change. Still got these bumps along jaw line and side of nose and this little one above my lip/corner of mouth which started off as a whitehead and now is just a little, hard lump so don't know what that's all about. Skin still very flushed. Reddness really hasn't improved at all but at least it's not as red looking with make-up on whereas before you could still see the red under foundation wh
  17. Please don't give up, it will get better and as Paul says you're half way there and in a lot of cases their skin really starts to improve after the course has finished. My daughter was on this dosage and it took at least till the 4th month for her acne to start to improve and by month 6 she had lovely, clear skin so just have that image in your mind and keep positvie. All the best with your journey x
  18. mozzy

    Day 52

    20mg this morning and no headache today so that's a good thing. Just got a few little bumps along jaw line and under chin but nothing too major. About five little bumps-not sure what they're called so i'll just stick with bumps-down the side of my nose, both sides, again I'm not too fussed about them. Still no oil and the flakiness has gone so that's good news!! Well,'till tomorrow.................
  19. mozzy

    Day 51

    Hard to believe I'm past day 50 already.......the time's just flying by. Skin still very smooth, it's like glass to touch. I've never had smooth skin like this before!! Reddness slightly calmer today, I don't know why, it's hard to pinpoint what it is that makes it more red some days and not others. Trying not to drink any caffeine and cut down on milk so maybe thats got something to do with it or it could be the upping of isotretiniion. I do like not having oily skin, I could get use
  20. mozzy

    Day 50

    Taking 10mg today and no headache so I'm not sure if the 20 was the cause of it yesterday or just the stress of going to the hospital, we shall see tomorrow if I get another one after 20mg. Skin still continues to be oil-free and relatively pimple free. Just the odd raised hard bump along jawline but nothing with any pus in them! No whiteheads at the moment which is good. Well, 'till tomorrow...............
  21. mozzy

    Day 49

    Yeh, I'm pleased with the results so far. It's amazing when I wash my face now I don't feel as I'm washing a book written in braille!! My skin has never been this smooth since I was at school. You look like you had a great time in London, glad you enjoyed yourself!!!
  22. mozzy

    Day 49

    Well, back to see derm today and he said my skin was looking a lot better, He's upped the meds to 20mg alternate days with 10mg alternate days. Took my first 20mg today and heads aching a bit which is probably due to the higher dose in my system but I guess I'll get used to that. No whiteheads or pustules at all at the moment so I'm happy. Lips quite but that's just my own fault for not putting vaseline on them when I go out. Well, 'till tomorrow..................
  23. mozzy

    Day 48

    Couple of little whiteheads just above right corner of mouth which are not going, stubborn little buggers. But apart from that and a few little bumps on left side of cheek my skins not in bad shape. The reddness is still prominent which I know isn't going to get any better without laser treatment but that's something I'm used to living with now but the pustules/papules weren't something I wanted to cope with on a daily basis. Back at the dermatologist in the morning so we'll see what h
  24. mozzy

    Day 47

    No great change in skin condition today, much the same as yesterday so won't warble too much. Put foundation on today as I went out for fish and chips with hubby ( I know, naughty naughty), it was lovely to be out, even though it was blowing a gale, just to feel "normal" in the crowds, with a little help from make-up. I should really have a full day with nothing on my skin to give it chance to breathe. Well, 'till tomorrow.....................
  25. mozzy

    Day 46

    Just a couple of little pimples left on chin and around nose but nothing major. No whiteheads or cysts to note and still no oil but lips are fairly cracked but put that down to this cold, windy weather we're having and forgeting to put vaseline on when I go out!! The reddness is quite prominent just now but I'm putting that down to wearing make-up and having to use a lot of cleanser to remove it and dragging the skin with cotton wool to get it off. Back to see derm on Friday which will