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  1. Haven't updated in forever, but only because not much was happening....no real IB to speak of... (nothing worse than pre-meds) but man, they ain't lying about the dry lips, but Aquaphor has been saving me. Today I noticed the small dry patches on my hands, not visible or anything but I can feel them. Other than that, feeling okay- I have had worse effects with other medications, honestly. I really can't believe I was so scared and waited so long...could have prevented a lot of damage, but it is
  2. Day 7- HOLY RED FACE. Feeling it getting a little tighter and drier- but totally red, like a sunburn- but I've been hibernating all weekend so no chance of that- have been feeling really, really tired- not sure if it is meds or me fighting off a cold that everyone around me has right now. Let's do this day 8.
  3. thanks so much! really appreciate the kind words and support! Day 6 now- nothing really new, lips not too bad yet, but I can feel an IB coming on I think. I've been taking pictures each day so i will update this with those soon enough. I can't wait to finish the first month, at least. Well, the whole damn course, but time feels like it is going to so slow now. I will keep on truckin....
  4. Day three- no side effects at all until just now. I don't know why I expected to take the pill and suddenly have every bad thing happen immediately. Def. have a headache coming on and I can feel my lips drying up. No IB yet- knock on virtual wood. Still in the start of this though...Day 4 here we come.
  5. FINALLY- I get to be one of the experience-ers and not the lurkers, hahaha. Took my first pill today- definitely stared at it for a good 20 minutes before popping it. I'm on 30 mg once a day, so we will see. No effects today, but I guess they are a' comin.....
  6. Thanks- yes I picked it up already but was waiting until after the New Year to start- countdown is over- will be popping my first one tomorrow morning!
  7. Finally time...countdown is over and I got my prescription for 30 mg of Claravis. I'm now totally terrified....but planning to start on the 1st or 2nd of January. Any more advice or words of wisdom are requested and appreciated!
  8. Thank you guys so much for all your replies! So appreciative for this community! Got my first labs, starting BC and then waiting on the second round in December...then II am so eager to get started with this!!! Thank you guys again for your thoughtful replies...making a shopping list now...
  9. What moisturizers do you recommend? Know of any good foundations for dry skin? Only anticipating Accutane dryness...I use Lancome right now, just ditched Makeup Forever and my skin already seems a little happier (but not much!) Just wondering if you knew of any really good ones.
  10. I'm in the slow waiting period, so I wanna be 100% ready once my blood and tests are good to go and the month is up. Do you guys have any suggestions for products to stock up on? I've heard Aquaphor lip stuff, but what are some proven moisturizers, cleansers, lotions, etc that have been life savers for you? As for the girl questions, I'm guessing no hair dyeing, right? I know no waxing (obviously)...any other beauty things to avoid? Any makeup/powder suggestions that don't look like cake
  11. No, definitely not banned- I am in Los Angeles and in the process of getting the prescription
  12. Visited with a new wonderful derm today and got the Ipledge ball rolling...now I have to get the blood tests Monday and then I can't go back to see her until Dec 13th...man, I am both terrified and excited but I hate that I have to wait a month! So wanting to jump in to this dry pool Going to use the time to get myself in the habit of lots of water drinking, moisturizing, and chapsticking. Any advice before this journey begins? I would so appreciate any experiences (positive please, cause
  13. Hi all...lurked this board on and off for years before finally deciding to create and account. My short story is, had clear skin all my life until my early 20's- started breaking out mildly, then around 23, started getting cystic acne, which started small and and has now waged full on battle with my face- like for real NO JOKE, really bad. I have multiple cysts currently on both sides of my face, which almost seem connected under the skin. It is not pleasant to deal with and it's definitley not