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  1. When I was clear, I would hardly notice or care if someone had it. Now, I look at everyones skin very closely.
  2. So is all distilled water no mineral? This is for face washing not drinking. Thanks for the reply!
  3. Raw diet day2: water many bananas many apples whole pomegranate raw walnuts olive oil many small cucumbers hoping that my avocados will be ripe soon. cutting out nuts tomorrow as they are the one thing in my current diet that could cause a breakout.
  4. I need to change to low mineral water for the Wai Diet. I have no idea what to buy. Is Nestle Pure life low mineral? Any recommendations?
  5. My doctor gave me a topical gel called stievamycin, the package also says tretinoin too. I have been using it for about a week and I am getting bad breakouts starting on the 4th day. Has anyone used this, and how did it work out? Are these breakouts normal and do they last long. Like I said, ive only used it for a week and it's making things much worse so far.
  6. Yea it never ends. I'm just getting accutane I don't care what it does to my body. 4 fucking years is enough. Lucky I wear a mask all day at work cause of the dangerous conditions, so no one sees my face
  7. thanks for sharing this. i will have to refer to it quite soon.
  8. Do you get steady break outs during the entire coarse?
  9. I don't pick anymore and it's really easy. Just stop. There are no tricks, you know it makes your face look horrid so don't do it. Starting now.
  10. I have not picked in over 2 weeks and it's fucking done nothing.
  11. I know what you feel like. My mother had acne until her 30s. I wish I was never born, and as long as I live I will never reproduce. I would never do something that cruel to an innocent helpless human.
  12. I feel horrible. I hate my face. I am going to try to get accutane tomorrow but I'm reading horrible things that it has done to people. Do I keep my acne or take tane and risk getting serious heath issues that will ruin my life even further? I had a panic attack and suicidal thoughts at work last week. (thoughts that i will never act on but still cannot help having.) I tried staying positive and I thought things where improving but I'm not going to lie to myself. I want to quit my job and limit
  13. About 145 pounds and healthy. I never drink alcohol, just lots of water and sometimes a coffee.