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  1. Was wondering what luck you guys have had with over the counter/drug store solutions to rolling scars.

    Sorry if this question has been asked before, but I didn't see it after a quick search.

    My scars are definitely rolling, not incredibly visible, but still definitely there with a mix of red marks.

    Any help/advice would be great. I want to get started as soon as possible and would like to purchase something this weekend. THanks

    PS: I have tried blue light treatment with zero noticeable results

  2. Thanks for the replies, gtturbo, looks like we're in the same boat.

    Ugly skin disease - my skin is oily and dry... if that makes any sense. During the course of the day it's oily- I could grease the pan with it- yet if you look closely, there is dry skin in certain areas (maybe due to the winter months).

    I heard something about the OTC "reversa"? Apply to areas with dry skin and spot areas? I'm looking for a spot treatment, because they're not pimples... they're red marks. I have fair skin so they're that much more visible.

    Keep the comments coming!

  3. similarly, i don't do much to control my skin. it seems to work and i have oily skin. washing vigorously dries my skin out and causes breakouts. i am too looking to fade red marks asap though. i don't know what to do. it's been 5 years for me, and while it's improved, i don't see time playing a significant role from here on out. i saw improvements within the first year and it's sort of plateaued since.

  4. Here's an idea of what my skin looked like post-accutane 5 years ago


    Today, it looks a lot better, but I still have faint, concentrated red marks and they frequently become redder after exercise, cold weather, and are more visible when I become paler in the winter months

    Also, when I get a new pimple.. I typically leave it without using harsh products because I don't want to aggravate it. I aggravated my face a lot by washing with harsh soaps and it eventually got so bad that I had to go on accutane

    So, yeah, when I get a new pimple, it takes a least a week to become flat, but the red mark remains

    I have a feeling that I have some deficiency in my skin that causes this... I've been reading so many threads but nothing that just gives me a straight up answer. I've tried putting tea leaves on my face, lemon, etc. It doesn't do anything.

    Does anyone have a similar condition? It's really annoying to have bright red marks that aren't even pimples on your face, and I don't know how to get rid of them. They just remain there for at least 6 months before fading slightly. Looking for advice, thanks

  5. Hey,

    When I got off Accutane around 2004, my red marks looked like this initiatially. They have diminished significantly since then, nearly faded by 90% I would say.

    Here are a few things I remember following:

    Sleeping at least 8 hours a day (your skin heals itself when you're resting, and when you are well-rested).

    Drink lot's of water. I drank at least 2 litres a day after the first 6 months of being off Acc. I bought a 1L nalgene bottle and consumed water regularly.

    Don't touch your face

    Stay away from dairy products (so yes, milk)

    Don't apply so many creams, etc. - I tried using some vitamin E cream at first, but I think it bothered my skin more than anything. I have never tried any of the products you listed above, so I guess if they're working for you, keep at it

    Eat healthily

    I know a lot of those things are commonsensical, but it doesn't hurt to repeat them and stress their importance. There's no overnight trick, I'm afraid. You have to stay strong and keep up with a steady regimen.

  6. I think you have some good thoughts, seemingly rooted in philosophy and religion (but perhaps I'm reading it the way I want to). Perhaps you are right, who is to know. I don't personally agree with everything you've said- I think we are all destined, or at least directed, in a certain direction. However, I also do believe 'life is what you make it'. Nobody can tell you what to do, or how to think (to a certain extent), but yourself. Simple words that I heard my dealer say when I was about 16: "do you." I think those are the best words to live by.

  7. Lot's of good replies here. Sorry to hear of your story. Here's what I think: she was with you this entire time, so there is a very good likelihood that she liked you for who you were, regardless of whether you had a few pimples/scars. Therefore, your girlfriend likely did not break up with you because of the pimples/scars, but rather, for an entirely different reason. She likely only brought up that reason to help justify her original reasoning- which had nothing to do with your face.

    I know it is difficult to be self-confident with acne/scarring. Many people are too concerned with their "game" or their body types, but we have an entirely different battle to worry about, and it's not easy!

    I want you to keep your head up and as hard as it is, keep pushing with that care-free attitude. There are a lot of good people out there, and I'm sure your girlfriend was one of them. She broke up with you, that doesn't make her a bad person, and from what I can tell, she didn't do it because of your acne/scarring but for other reasons. You may feel that is the reason because it has the biggest impact on your self-confidence, but you can assume that if she was willing to get into a relationship, she didn't care about that enough to hold her back.

    There are a lot of good people on this forum, message me if you want to talk personally. Have a great day.

  8. I was on Accutane for about 6 months, I can't quite remember, it was so long ago. I was bout 15 I think. I've had some serious scarring since then though! Thanks for the reply, anyone with any positive experiences/help are thanked in advance, we'd love to know! Thanks.

    Edit: If anyone happens to post here with any potential remedies would you be kind enough to send me a message with what you posted? I won't be able to use the internet in awhile but I will be able to check my email (and receive a notification from acne.org if anyone sends me a message). Thanks a ton.

  9. Hi,

    Long time member, haven't been here in awhile. I suffer from scarring and red marks left after Acne/Accutane. I am looking for an over-the-counter treatment that helps my problem- I'm not looking for perfection. This really reduces my confidence and I haven't had a girlfriend in years and wouldn't mind one. I just want to be able to stand in relatively bright light without trying hide/run away. My scars are quite deep, just on my cheeks. If anyone could recommend some treatments I can purchase at a Shoppers Drug Mart or any other pharmacy that would be amazing.


  10. Hi All,

    Been awhile since I've been on here. After Accutane I've pretty much have had no active acne, just a few pimples here and there. Unfortunately I'm left with boxcar/rolling scars on my cheeks. These are really only visible in bright/medium light. There is a bit of redness but not very much. I get very self-conscious and really want to reduce (or eliminate) this scarring.

    Someone told me to look into the Obagi products. I'm looking for something that is relatively inexpensive to purchase (under $100). I don't think I can afford microdermabrasion at this time. My mother has very few ice pick scars and we would both like to attempt something to help reduce the scarring.

    Anyone that has even the slightest insight please don't hesitate to post below. Thanks so much :)

  11. I'm surprised acne hasn't made it into reality TV yet, since nowadays there's a silly reality show for everything :rolleyes:


    that's cus it's 2 real for tv feeding the contradiction that essentially acne is always vitually diminished from making the slightest form of an appearance even tho so many ppl actually suffer from it.




  12. It was 2004/2005, I was on a few prescription drugs for my severe acne. Majority concentrated on my cheeks and chin. I visited my family doctor, I believe I was about 15 or 16. My doctor told me how the prescription drugs are not helping and she reccomended a visit to this lady who was going to squeeze all the puss out of my pores. I was weary but my face was in critical condition and I was willing to do anything that would help, let alone the fact that this was my doctor telling me this.

    I go to this lady's house and to her basement. She has a very professional looking set up- bed, steamer machine various tools, etc. I was quite impresed. Basically I lay down on a special chiropractor-like bed in which my face was steamed for about 10-15 minutes- it felt great. She then began to squeeze every inch of my face to 'get the puss out'. It was disgusting and hurt like hell. She even got puss out of places that didn't have pimples. I came out of there with basically a red face, a ridiculous amount of cuts and such. This single handedly ruined my face- I've been healing for about 3-4 years now from scarring, and it's still pretty intense. I can't believe my doctor reccommended something like this! Ridiculous now that I think about it. I really want to have my scars healed :(

  13. Hey all,

    Haven't been on these forums for about a year's time now, good stuff. Anyway, bandito I had acne just as bad as you, and yeah I'll say it killed my confidence. I was going from talking to girls left and right to not going out and being rather antisocial. I also assumed any girl talking to me was out of pity or whatever, so I never ever pursued anything for about 2 years whilst having acne, to think about it, I was being a real asshole... but only because I thought they weren't talking to me for the right reasons.

    It's already been said on here a few times but girls dig personality and confidence. I can say I no longer have acne, just red marks and I am slowly building up confidence since 2005 or so. It won't be a simple process, but it can be gradual. Try to be social, keep doing the things you once enjoyed doing, don't take it in all at once, make it a gradual process. People will see that you're confident in yourself. You can't make people stop staring, but you can have them take notice in you for other things. Try, and good luck to you sir. Cheers.