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  1. Was wondering what luck you guys have had with over the counter/drug store solutions to rolling scars. Sorry if this question has been asked before, but I didn't see it after a quick search. My scars are definitely rolling, not incredibly visible, but still definitely there with a mix of red marks. Any help/advice would be great. I want to get started as soon as possible and would like to purchase something this weekend. THanks PS: I have tried blue light treatment with zero noticeab
  2. if they know we go on here... they must have gone on here to check it out themselves. so you can say the same thing back to them
  3. Anybody have experience with Reversa? I am looking for somethign I can buy at the drug store
  4. Thanks for the replies, gtturbo, looks like we're in the same boat. Ugly skin disease - my skin is oily and dry... if that makes any sense. During the course of the day it's oily- I could grease the pan with it- yet if you look closely, there is dry skin in certain areas (maybe due to the winter months). I heard something about the OTC "reversa"? Apply to areas with dry skin and spot areas? I'm looking for a spot treatment, because they're not pimples... they're red marks. I have fair sk
  5. similarly, i don't do much to control my skin. it seems to work and i have oily skin. washing vigorously dries my skin out and causes breakouts. i am too looking to fade red marks asap though. i don't know what to do. it's been 5 years for me, and while it's improved, i don't see time playing a significant role from here on out. i saw improvements within the first year and it's sort of plateaued since.
  6. Here's an idea of what my skin looked like post-accutane 5 years ago http://www.google.ca/imgres?q=acne+red+marks&um=1&hl=en&sa=N&biw=1217&bih=599&tbm=isch&tbnid=OyXt3VgQnTIS2M:&imgrefurl=http://www.realself.com/question/red-marks-post-tca-cross&docid=EWhdIY9aq5NpgM&imgurl=http://www.realself.com/files/212463.jpg&w=600&h=800&ei=dPjjTtXiBajl0QGesqTMBQ&zoom=1&iact=rc&dur=295&sig=101104847796470461563&page=1&tbnh=111&am
  7. WTF? I've been gone for 4 years... and read this. When was this discovered? Sorry to hijack the thread... but I don't think it has as much to do with intake as it does with genes and hormones.
  8. Hey, When I got off Accutane around 2004, my red marks looked like this initiatially. They have diminished significantly since then, nearly faded by 90% I would say. Here are a few things I remember following: Sleeping at least 8 hours a day (your skin heals itself when you're resting, and when you are well-rested). Drink lot's of water. I drank at least 2 litres a day after the first 6 months of being off Acc. I bought a 1L nalgene bottle and consumed water regularly. Don't touch
  9. pretty sure the derm is gonna laugh at you. damn, if you are that obsessed over that, you must have mad confidence issues. not trying to rain on your parade or anything, but i have actual straight up red marks. like full blown. i wouldn't give 2 shits about that dude.
  10. thomas69


    From the album: Accutane and Acne- The fun shit never ends buuucoooooc!&

    post acne, skin looks good. it comes and goes- for instance, i have two pimples right now. send me a message if you need to talk about accutane or acne related discussion.
  11. hello. how did you become a senior member?

    1. I think you have some good thoughts, seemingly rooted in philosophy and religion (but perhaps I'm reading it the way I want to). Perhaps you are right, who is to know. I don't personally agree with everything you've said- I think we are all destined, or at least directed, in a certain direction. However, I also do believe 'life is what you make it'. Nobody can tell you what to do, or how to think (to a certain extent), but yourself. Simple words that I heard my dealer say when I was about 16: "d
    2. Lot's of good replies here. Sorry to hear of your story. Here's what I think: she was with you this entire time, so there is a very good likelihood that she liked you for who you were, regardless of whether you had a few pimples/scars. Therefore, your girlfriend likely did not break up with you because of the pimples/scars, but rather, for an entirely different reason. She likely only brought up that reason to help justify her original reasoning- which had nothing to do with your face. I know i
    3. hahaha. so true. walking on the sidewalk with someone and trailing behind for a second to catch up and walk on the other side of them... story of our lives!
    4. I was on Accutane for about 6 months, I can't quite remember, it was so long ago. I was bout 15 I think. I've had some serious scarring since then though! Thanks for the reply, anyone with any positive experiences/help are thanked in advance, we'd love to know! Thanks. Edit: If anyone happens to post here with any potential remedies would you be kind enough to send me a message with what you posted? I won't be able to use the internet in awhile but I will be able to check my email (and receive
    5. Hi, Long time member, haven't been here in awhile. I suffer from scarring and red marks left after Acne/Accutane. I am looking for an over-the-counter treatment that helps my problem- I'm not looking for perfection. This really reduces my confidence and I haven't had a girlfriend in years and wouldn't mind one. I just want to be able to stand in relatively bright light without trying hide/run away. My scars are quite deep, just on my cheeks. If anyone could recommend some treatments I can purch
    6. Hi All, Been awhile since I've been on here. After Accutane I've pretty much have had no active acne, just a few pimples here and there. Unfortunately I'm left with boxcar/rolling scars on my cheeks. These are really only visible in bright/medium light. There is a bit of redness but not very much. I get very self-conscious and really want to reduce (or eliminate) this scarring. Someone told me to look into the Obagi products. I'm looking for something that is relatively inexpensive to purchase
    7. Hi, I actually don't have acne anymore- just the occasional pimple. I was on accutane for about 6 months which killed it for me. Now I'm left with a few scars :( . How are you? Put up some pics of your acne I'd love to try to help.

      1. the chicks are lookin hot as hell duude i had to creep/comment
      2. fa4you, maybe it was a legitimate process, but as far as I know, you will definitely scar if you break your skin, especially from pimples or whatever. So for the record, I am assured that a prescribed cream alone did not give me facial scarring...