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  1. I am sort of insulted by your comment "Pay attention to your body." That's assuming that I don't pay attention to my body, that I don't track my cycles, my acne, my depression religiously, go over it with my doctor, and adjust my supplements. Also, I'm not "messing" with my hormones, I am trying to balance them. I'm not on a hormone cream. I am on a hormone support, which helps my body make it's own hormones. I know I am low in them, because when I don't take the hormone support, I get severe
  2. Hey hon! So glad to hear that your skin is being more manageable. I notice I am not on the org as much when my skin is clear... which is what I was hoping was going on for you. I'm so impressed by your diet and regimen. I really need to get back into chlorella/spirulina, I know an animal rescue group that uses Sun Chlorella to heal their sick animals, and even says it helps beat parvo in dogs. How do you use the bentonite clay? On problem areas, or as regular masks? Glad to hear you are doing
  3. Hey! I'm sorry that things haven't been better. Even though I see a naturopath, I still use Retin-A, I haven't been able to go completely holistic. I don't know if that helps you feel better, but maybe a combo of the two could help. I'm glad you found a good facialist though, she sounds really sweet. I personally don't believe in "muscle testing", my naturopath did blood tests to diagnose my food allergies. She also did tests for my hormones, and found that I'm progesterone deficient. Chances
  4. You are right, best not to mess with anything. It sounds like your doc is hitting it from all sides. I just mentioned it because it had been on my mind. I hope this week treats you better
  5. Ugh, I am so sorry! I absolutely know how you feel. You don't deserve this, you are doing so well! This might be a Hail Mary, and I don't know what I think about it, but I ran across this today: http://www.thelovevitamin.com/3452/fermented-cod-liver-oil/ I try to be vegetarian as much as possible, but I might ask my doc about this and give it a shot.
  6. The phytoprogest in my tincture does have vitex, it's the second ingredient: Dioscorea villosa (wild yam), Vitex agnus-castus (chaste tree berry), Smilax regelii (sarsaparilla), Taraxacum officinale (dandelion), and Trigonella foenum-graecum (fenugreek) in a base of organic alcohol and spring water.
  7. That's exactly what I was doing, just taking a break so I could focus on something other than my skin. And it was doing better there for a few months, so I didn't feel the need to be on as much. That's a bummer that you don't get a respite from your acne. It seems like I get a pew pimples at once, and by the time they are healed I develop new ones. I have been keeping track of my cycle and symptoms and I know I get acne: Day 4-5, Day 12-15 and Day 21-27 of my cycle. These days also sync up with
  8. Hey! I went AWOL from the org for a few months (some people here annoy the shit outta me), but I just caught up with your log. I relate to the feeling like you are doing everything right and still have acne. And I relate to messing up my regimen, not eating right, and randomly NOT breaking out. WTF? My skin WAS doing really well since I started using a topical zinc cream (my tummy can't tolerate any zinc supplement). I ran out and forgot to get more from the compound pharmacy, and it kinda went
  9. I haven't used progesterone cream in over 2 years. I use a progesterone and estrogen support tincture that my doc makes for me. The progesterone cream made me break out even worse, gave me heavy, painful periods, so she switched me over the tincture. I am tolerating that much better.
  10. My progesterone is low still, that's why I have symptoms of estrogen dominance. To quote myself: estrogen dominance is actually progesterone deficiency. I never said progesterone counteracts xenoestrogens, but it does counteract my depression. That's my #1 issue. Then the progesterone causes my acne, I know this because when I decrease it, my acne goes away but my depression comes back. I started this thread because I am wondering why progesterone has helped so many women here on the org, but ca
  11. Wow! Thanks for updating. Did they say what kind of fungus? How can they tell if you have parasites? That's crazy!! Thyroid and adrenal support seriously helped me, not as much with my skin, but with my energy and mood. I hope it helps your skin too though, I know low thyroid function can make acne worse.
  12. From my understanding, progesterone wouldn't be "off" from high estrogen levels. They come from two different precursors. Cortisol is a precursor for progesterone, and when your body gets stressed and you are in adrenal fatigue, your body "steals" cortisol and you aren't left with enough to make progesterone. So, estrogen dominance is actually progesterone deficiency. But even if my xenoestogens are high, I am on the same treatment as I would be if I knew my estrogen is high: supporting progeste
  13. I'm confused. I have never argued that I need more estrogen, and certainly I don't want xenoestrogens. I am avoiding things that would give me excess estrogens, more than the average person I would argue. Like I said in my previous post, I avoid plastics, soy, flax, BC, etc. I'm not sure what good testing for xenoestrogens would be when I am already treating for estrogen dominance. Did you take blood or saliva hormone tests?
  14. It sounds like you had muscle testing. If they did what it sounds like, the theory is that they put a piece of food (soy, wheat, etc) on you, and push on your arm. If you can't resist their push, it's because that piece of food is an allergen to you, and it makes your body weak. I don't know if I buy into that. I bet the actual allergy tests you've had done are more accurate. I went off all of the foods I tested (by blood) allergic to and it helped me skin so much. When I tried to re-introduce a
  15. Thanks for your reply! I have to raise my progesterone because as I've said before in this thread, I have depression that is caused my estrogen dominance. When I decrease the progesterone support, I get VERY depressed. I'm not on progesterone cream. I'm on progesterone support, which helps my body makes it's own progesterone. My estrogen is at a good level, within range... it's just that my progesterone is low. I avoid everything that would increase my progesterone: plastics, soy, flax, BC, etc