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  1. I think it all just depends on the dermatologist... the first one I ever went to was completely against using Accutane. But the guy I use now thinks it's a miracle drug and loves it. I would just explain how tired you are of having acne and how many products you've gone through -- you just want to be done with it. And maybe tell her that you've done a lot of research and would really like to try Accutane. My acne was mild/moderate - nothing crazy awful, but definitely a self-estee
  2. Brittonaccutane

    Day 29

    So the days all kind of blur together now -- the changes are gradual, but they're definitely happening! Over the past few days, the blackheads have diminished greatly. Every time I look in the mirror, there seems to be less of them. About an hour ago, I decided to do an olive oil/honey treatment on my hair and scalp (the itchiness is mostly gone, but the dryness is still crazy) and then thought it might be a good idea to rub some of the oil/honey on my face and neck. I started gently massag
  3. Brittonaccutane

    Week 3

    Well that really sucks about the hair loss -- I haven't dealt with any of that yet. However I have had the dry, itchy scalp, which, like you said is SO nice after the greasy issue, but it's sooo annoying too! After being really bothered by it, I heated up some extra virgin olive oil, added some lavender essential oil and massaged that in my scalp, left it for about thirty minutes then shampooed and conditioned like normal. It definitely helped my hair/scalp. Then whenever I showered, I've jus
  4. Isn't the lack of oil amazing?!? I'm finishing my third week and lemme tell you, there's no oil to speak of! None in my hair, on my face.... nowhere! So amazing!
  5. Awww man that made me cringe. I'm so sorry hope that doesn't happen again. Getting my blood drawn always makes me lightheaded, but I haven't had any horror stories like that. That's awful!
  6. Okay first off, like Paul said ^^ your skin looks incredible!! Secondly, I can totally relate to the eye-contact thing... even if my acne was pretty well covered with makeup, I'd have trouble making eye-contact with people. People from school would tell me (after getting to know me) that on first impression, I came across as a bitch -- because I'd basically not look at, and somewhat ignore anyone who tried to talk to me (especially guys). Sigh. I don't think people with clear skin re
  7. Hahahah, that made me giggle. While I'm not obsessed with the series, I did read all the books -- and therefore must see all the movies. But hey, at least I didn't go opening night!
  8. Brittonaccutane

    Day 19

    I can't even explain how awesome it is to go out, knowing my skin looks better bare than before when I was wearing makeup. SUCH a good feeling. Still dealing with dry lips, but they don't look awful or anything. Just a little chapped. Aquaphor has been a lifesaver so far. The blackheads are being pushed out, which is basically gross -- but also super awesome. OH, and my pores have shrunk! I looked in the mirror today and totally flipped out, they're not giant anymore! I went to see
  9. Haha, the song didn't cross my mind when I was writing, but now I'm humming it. Aw, thanks a lot. I'm really excited about how things are going!
  10. Brittonaccutane

    Day 16

    Wow, I can't believe I'm already past the two week mark. There's nothing much new to report; the dry skin has mostly gone away, now it's just my lips that stay somewhat dry. Aquaphor and cherry chapstick (my favorite) have done a good job at keeping it under control. Sometimes when I smile, I can feel them do funny things -- almost like cracking, but not painful. This past week has been pretty stressful; my dad and I visited the University I'm attending in the Spring, and found out ther
  11. Awesome! It's getting better, but I'll definitely try that tonight. I've been using it on my lips, but it's good to know it works for the skin as well.
  12. Thanks! I sure hope it turns out good by the end. It'll be so worth it
  13. Brittonaccutane

    Day 9

    So today's day nine. My skin is still flaky -- not like after a sunburn flaky, but like dandruff on the face flaky. It's annoying. bla. However last night in class (one of the first days I've worn makeup since starting accutane) I reached up to scratch my nose, and it wasn't oily! So while the oil production hasn't stopped, it's definitely slowed down. SO awesome. Also I've had a small breakout over the past two days, nothing serious, but definitely there. I'm hoping they'll disappear qu
  14. @Julie: Okay awesome, I can't wait for that point to come! I'll definitely keep that in mind about popping the whiteheads -- sometimes it's so hard not to, but I know I don't want to cause a bigger problem. @gypsysunshine: yay! It's been great having other people that are dealing with the same thing. Can't wait to see your progress!
  15. I'm on 40mgs right now too How long did it take before the blackheads/whiteheads started disappearing? I'll definitely check out your channel!