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  1. Thanks! I wouldn't recommend Accutane unless you have moderately severe or severe acne. I don't feel as if the risks outweigh the cons with mild/moderate acne. Although, I don't see a problem with a very low dose treatment for mild/moderate acne.
  2. I am on my 5th month of Accutane. My dosage history is in my signature. My Dermatologist said I can stop at the end of my 5th month or go for one more month. My cysts and everything are all gone but I still break out here and there during my "time of the month". I am concerned that if I am still breaking out while on Accutane that my face will go back to what it looked like before Accutane. I can not afford at all for my face to break out again. If you've seen me post on here before then you
  3. I weigh the same as you and on the same dosage. So no, you're not on too high of a dosage and if it was too high your dermatologist wouldn't prescribe it.
  4. Ouch. Sorry about that IB. I hate cysts with a passion. Accutane is way worth it though. 80mg does seem high. I've seen others on here start that high but I also hear that makes the IB worse. I used to be vegan/strict vegetarian too I plan to go back after Accutane so hopefully through health living I can prevent future breakouts. Never took B vitamins though when I was. Make sure some of your supplements aren't possibly breaking you out. I don't know much about that stuff but I've heard be
  5. I use Hard Candy's makeup primer from Walmart. I think it was $8. I just bought it to try out the primer idea because I've never used primer before. I have extremely sensitive skin and this stuff didn't break me out at all. And it made my makeup stay on super long. I have to wear makeup at work (dancing) and through all the sweat and an 8 hour shift it stays on. This stuff is extremely greasy though when you put it on so you have to let it dry a bit before putting on makeup. This isn't a bad o
  6. I guess for a first month that's maybe a tiny bit high. I started at 40 but I am now at 80mg and I weigh almost 40 pounds lighter than you (haven't changed my signature, I've lost weight). No problems. Never had an IB or anything. Talk to your doctor about going lower if you want or just see how the side effects bother you this month and go down next month if you don't like it.
  7. Pretty sure it is supposed to be normal to be a little sweaty on a hot, summer afternoon. Not sure about the being red part. Maybe pick a more water proof sunscreen or it is just flushing.
  8. So I saw the commericial to get a 14 week supply of Sheer Cover for free (S&H was just 4.99) (if anyone is interested in trying it go to getsheer.com and you just pay for S&H) I'm looking for reviews. If I get a majority of people saying they suck then I can go ahead and cancel any future payments they will sneakily take out of my bank account before I forget and they get away with it, lol.
  9. That is exactly what I took in the beginning when I first saw my Dermatologist. My acne went from moderate to severe really fast and my butt ended up on Accutane. I will never use Tretinoin for acne again (will use for my scars and hyperpigmentation after Accutane though). Doxycycline made me sick every day so I refused to keep taking it. Can you take Accutane? I heard it works great for body acne.
  10. I'm a little irritated now that I accidentally closed the page after I wrote my response but didn't send it -_- Anywho, I had severe conglobate acne. I only took antibiotics for a short period to clear some infection and then straight to Accutane. Going on Accutane prevented a LOT of scarring that could have been gained if I allowed my acne to get any further. I think if I had moderate acne then I wouldn't want to waste my time and energy on high doses of Accutane. I don't see why moderate acn
  11. I'm not surprised that a product so thick and promises a matte finish caused you to have dry flakes. Look up Cassandra Bankson (I think that's how you spell it). She uses that makeup in one of her makeup videos. She does an awesome job too.
  12. My mother is diagnosed with Bipolar I. I was diagnosed with bipolar II. I am looking for second opinions though because I think I have rapid cycling because my moods tend to change drastically and quickly. I am on a pretty high dose for my weight and I have had no problems. I will admit I have been a little less tolerant and more irritable, but I have a pretty low tolerant attitude to begin with. The reason I went towards a higher dosage is because I noticed most people on here with little/no
  13. If it doesn't say "noncomedogenic" it has the possibility of breaking you out. Doesn't matter how other people's skin reacted to the makeup. You're going to have to see how different makeups work for you.
  14. Most primers are not noncomedogenic so I wouldn't waste the money if I were a girl such as yourself who doesn't normally wear makeup anyway. A waste of money if you don't usually wear makeup. One night of makeup will cause little if any damage. The best you can do is wear your typical acne cream underneath your makeup and moisturizer. Have fun!