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  1. Thank you for the answer. My problem is right the one you explained. I'm able to manage myself at best, but I'd like to know some more techniques to lower the insulin level, just in case. Is there anything that can keep this level low, even if we eat carb or similar? You mentioned Fiber. For example? What else?
  2. Thank you for the answer. Could you elaborate a little bit more about fiber capsules? Is all the food with high fiber good for our skin?Even though is a combination of fiber+carb?
  3. There are some situations in which is very difficult to avoid high-carb foods. A friend invites you in his house for a dinner or going into a pizzeria just to hang out with your mates are quite common situations. Even though our daily diet is supposed to be low in carb-intake, sometimes we are "forced" to eat potatoes, pasta, pizza etc.. I have 2 questions about finding a trade-off that doesn't hurt too much our skin: 1)I know there are some foods that are anti-inflammatories, such as
  4. WHat about vanilla?Is there anyone who uses it? There a lot of recipes where vanilla is an ingredient and I'd like to know your experience, if you have a specific brand,or what to look for when buying vanilla powder/extract..
  5. thank you for the fast response but since I started to cut grains from my diet I improved the situation a lot and that's why I want to keep them out of my foods. However, I'd like to try if I tolerate whole grain, beans and others. If I buy a whole grain product, should it be 100% whole grain or not? Which grain do you suggest to start with? I think barley and rye are a good starting points...
  6. Although in this section there are lots of information, I have 2 questions buzzing in my head: -Difference between GL and GI. I’ve heard that GL is better to understand the real sugar content of a food portion. Is there a list with all the food portions that are more harmless for acne-prone people? For example I see that watermelon has a GI >70 while spaghetti is around 40. However the basic portion of spaghetti is 100-150g while for watermelon is different. So Where can I find some infor
  7. thank you for the answers. Since I don't understand the gut issues, if I drink water kefir Why do I break out more?
  8. Hi guys, Since 2 month ago I'm on a low GI diet, even though I've cut pasta, bread and all grains, I continue to eat fruit. 2 weeks ago I tried water kefir in order to restore my gut bacteria but in two days I broke out as never before. I stopped immediately and I'm pretty sure that was the cause. Since with low GI diet I improved the situation but with Water kefir I broke out, What could be the problem? Is there any other source of probiotics different from water kefir and more "safe"(
  9. but I had a mild acne we can say, if I start with 60-75 ui/day of vitamin A, isn't a mega dose, is it? I bought Carlson Labs, Vitamin A, 25,000 IU Natural, 250 Soft Gels I hope it will work!!anyway, I'll post here some updates...
  10. yet ,but why this answer when I would like to start a vitamin treatment?
  11. hi everybody, after a lot of wasted money in creams, lotions and all other stuffs, I would like to start a treatment with vitamin. I'm not sure which is the best for my situation(I think I have a mild-moderate acne, it depends ),and since I'm new on this forum, I don't know which is the "common opinion" versus this vitamin. is there anybody who want to share some advice? for example, it there an initial breakout with vitamin A/B5?After how long did you see any result? thanks everybody!