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  1. I'm not sure if you would know the answer to this but I really don't want to take any oral antibiotics...do you know if these nodules come to the surface on their own or will topicals help? The depression..is that a permanent scar? Currently I'm using nothing for my acne and I'm just doing the hot water dip regimen I really don't want to start up putting harsh chemicals on my skin again as it's starting to look great. Also, are you sons nodules noticeable? painful? red? Mine are nothing of the a
  2. The small hard bumps under the skin are called nodules. My teen boys have these. The derm said it comes under the acne type called "Nodulocystic". She explained that they actually are a sign of infection under the skin. They can leave depressions or scars. That is what we have experienced. Tazorac in the evening, keeps them at bay for my boys. Has anyone else had any luck with the topical retinoids. These guys also use Benzaclin after washing in the AM. I understand the frustration these ca
  3. Smartguy I haven't posted here in a long time. I have two boys, 18 and 16 with nodulocystic acne. Their regimen of .05 Taz in the evening and Benzaclin in the AM, cleared them totally for a year. Even helped with scars. It was such a relief as it was my oldest's senior year in High School. He had a great year, finally having his acne under control. Now they are having occasional nodules showing up so the derm is bumping up Taz to .1 to see if they clear. This may have been mentioned previous
  4. GO Hi there. It's been awhile since I last posted. I wanted to say hello to you. My boys are doing really well. I had so hoped that you, after everything, would be better too. I can totally understand your questioning these issues. Regarding my boys moderate cystic scarring acne: Antibiotics infrequently Braces for both Immunizations for both Started between age 12-13 Good luck to you GO. I am going to check back in here more frequently.
  5. Dansmom I have a Dan too, 17 yrs old and a 15 yr old son too. My boys have cystic acne which is under control now, after a long time of suffering. They have no cysts and no red marks and previous scarring is improved. Here is the regimen that is helping them. 17 yr old AM Uses Arbonne Acne system ( 1% SA wash and lotion) in AM only. Followed immediately by a small amount of Benzaclin PM Mild unmedicated wash, Uses Mary Kay Velocity for teens After 30 min, apply Tazorac ( retinoid) to
  6. My teen sons are using the Arbonne acne line. It is kind of pricey. It has a 1% (most are 2%) SA wash which seems to be working really well, an Alpha Hydroxy toner, and a 1% SA lotion which they follow with a small amount of Benzaclin. At night they use an unmedicated wash and apply Tazorac after 30 min. The derm said that an SA wash would be good in their regimen. I personally feel that the SA is helping to keep the pores clear and aid the meds getting into the skin. This regimen has cleared m
  7. Asia Pac J Clin Nutr. 2005;14 Suppl:S97. Related Articles, Links Low glycemic load, high protein diet lessens facial acne severity. Smith R, Mann N, Braue A, Varigos G. School of Applied Sciences, RMIT University, Melbourne, VIC. Background - Acne vulgaris is a multi-factorial skin disorder which affects the 85-100% of the adolescent population in Western civilizations. Despite its high prevalence in the West, acne prevalence is extremely low or rare in non-westernized societies. It has b
  8. If you aren't seeing improvement with the .05% Taz, you could move to the 1%. I think you're right to wait for your skin to adjust. My boys have never used the gel version. I think it is usually prescribed for oily skin. The cream hasn't made them greasy and especially with winter, the cream is the best option for them. Depending on your climate, you can make that choice. I would try to avoid irritation as much as possible. The .05% Taz has been adequate for my guys. Really hope you start to
  9. Thanks for the helpful and encouraging info regarding BP. My youngest son is having intermittent days where his skin is quite dry. He is using Benzaclin in the AM and Taz at night. He was using a 1% SA wash and a 1% SA moisturizer to help pore clogging. He was starting to have uncomfortable dryness so he switched to Neutrogen Sensitive Skin wash and a Mary Kay moisturizer formula 2. Now it seems as though he may be getting clogged up as he said he thought he felt a nodule on his cheek. He has
  10. Where can glaxal base moisturizing cream be purchased? Is it available only in Canada?
  11. Considering you are experiencing dryness, I wouldn't use an SA wash at this point. I would only add it to your regimen if your skin is settled down. Tazorac will work to clear the pores. I think it's a good idea to use the .05 cream. It is less harsh than the .1% and for my teens who have nodular-cystic acne it has been strong enough. I think it would be better to leave the Taz on than wash it off. Are you waiting till your skin is completly dry? The Taz patient info says to wait up to 20-30
  12. I would suggest a small quantity of Benzaclin, after washing with a gentle cleanser in the AM. A BP cleanser wouldn't be necessary (redundant) and may cause irritation. My boys could not tolerate the Brevoxyl BP wash. A mild SA wash could be used (1%) if tolerated as SA is helpful in keeping pores clear. But, probably to start out, I would try going for the minimum of products which will allow the two medicines, Benzaclin and Taz to start doing their stuff. Especially in the PM, you'll want