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  1. Hi, everyone! I posted a few months ago, heartbroken and desperate, because my acne was completely out of control. It looked like this, without makeup: Now it looks like this, without makeup: Okay, so it's not exactly clear, but there was a huge improvement, and that is what matters in acne treatment. Since I have improved, I decided to share a few things that have worked for me. One thing I have learned in the battle against acne is that one size does not fit all, that what wor
  2. Thanks for the reply and the support! Yes, I'm no longer anorexic and I really try to get enough food every day. I never heard of Differin and Duac. I guess when I get a job I will have to make an appointment with the dermatologist ASAP. For now, I'm just trying to stick to that routine, washing my face twice a day and using non-comodegenic moisturizer. I hope you're eating enough too! I also exercise even though my husband tells me that the sweat might worsen it. Sigh.
  3. Oh my god, this is terrible! And I was feeling bad for not being able to afford a dermatologist. Sigh... what can we do with this horrible acne and when will it end? I just joined today, by the way, feeling just as desperate.
  4. I drink lots of water too, though it doesn't seem to make my face less oily. But really, apple cider vinegar helps? Why, is it because it is sour? I wonder if cranberry juice would have the same effect.
  5. That's a good question! If only somebody would know! It seems that everybody recommends something different, and in the process one spends so much money! Which is it? Is it vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, or vitamin B6? Why not just take a multi-vitamin, which I already do and to no avail? Is it benzoly peroxide? Nope, it dries me up. So does salycic acid. Hydrocortisone helped a little, but I hear that they say that is terrible for the skin. Anti bacterial cream is good for after popping a pim
  6. 27, going on 28 in January. Sigh. And my acne is worse than ever. :'(
  7. Hi! I'm new here and completely desperate enough to have searched for a community where I can find some guidance. I am 27 years old and my acne is worse than ever! I blame nobody but myself. I used to always sleep with makeup, always pop my pimples, and always without a care. Growing up I was always told that I am "pretty, but lose a few pounds." So my whole youth I have been so focused on staying thin that I totally let my face go, taking it for granted! I feel so horrible. I used to be anorexi