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  1. Hey Gracy B, Won't don't you try Dermify? It is organic and works great, I had my skin all clear after 6 weeks. I did try many different products, including Clean& Clear, Proactiv and so on, even prescription but none really worked and moreover they got my skin dry and burning. What I like about Dermify is that it is an all in one ( I used it as an acne solution and mask) and it comes with a moisturizer. Check it on Amazon, they have great customer reviews. Hope that can help!
  2. Hey smittenasakitten, You might want to try eliminating dairy for a week or two and see how it goes. Also if you drink a lot of coffee or green tea, caffeine can sometimes cause breakouts too, try to cut off for a week or two as well. those are the two main things I can think about, especially knowing that you follow a healthy diet and exercise pretty often. Finally, you might want to reconsider the cleanser you use for your face, it also might not work well for your skin. I recommend you to
  3. Try the organic acne solution Dermify that can also be used as a cleanser and as a mask once a week. I honestly tried many products ans most of them left my skin burning, not cleared and all red. My body cannot take antibiotics so I was really desperate when my friend introduced me to Dermify. I went on amazon, read the reviews and decided to give it a try. I have to say I have been amazingly surprised by how well it worked for me. After 6 weeks, my skin was clear and Iooked better than ever. Pl
  4. Dear Verluxt, I suggest you try to use Dermify. It is an organic and 100% natural acne solution that works great for all types of skin, especially sensitive skins like mine. I discovered it through a friend and purchased it on amazon after I read all the great reviews. When you order it it also comes from a free moisturizer. It is the only product I am using and my skin was totally clear after 6 weeks. Also as it is all natural you are sure that you are not putting any potentially harmful che
  5. Hi Multigraincheerios, For your face, you might want to try Dermify. It is an organic acne solution that works very well cleaning the acne and keeping the skin moisturized. As it is 100% natural, it does not harm the skin. Honestly, I have tried many different products (OTC and prescription) and Dermify is the best I have ever tried. Check it on Amazon, it has great reviews! Hope that helps!
  6. Hey ReclusiveFeline, Me too! I tried Dermify and after 6 weeks my skin was totally clear. I love it. Plus the fact that is is all organic is definitely a ++. It is just a shame that they do not get as much publicity as other brands that did not help my acne at all.
  7. Hi Sasch12, If you are looking for a natural acne solution, I suggest you try Dermify. As I was struggling with acne, I came to try a lot of products but my sensitive skin could not take most of it. My body could not handle antibiotics either. I discovered Dermify through a friend and bought it on Amazon after I read the great reviews. And I was amazingly surprised, it did clear out my skin completely after 6 six weeks and did not leave it dry or burning. Plus it is all organic so I am sure t
  8. Hi ShooShooAcne, I'd suggest you try the organic acne solution Dermify. It will help clear out your skin and also balanced it. Plus it leaves the skin moisturized and soft compared to many products I have tried in the past. Check the reviews on Amazon, it works pretty well for me so it might be a solution for you as well. Good luck!
  9. Have you considered trying natural acne solutions? Personnally, I do not recommend Proactiv as I find it very aggressive for the skin. I suggest you try Dermify which is an organic acne solution that I discovered through a friend few months ago. It does not contain any chemical that would make your skin red, dry or irritated, compared to many OTC products I have tried in the past and after using it for few weeks, my skin was cleared out, soft and all nice. Check it on amazon, it might be the sol
  10. First of all, Happy Birthday, I hope you have a wonderful time and for your acne issue, I recommend you try Dermify. It is an organic acne solution on Amazon and it is the best product I have ever found to clear my acne. It is not aggressive to the skin and does not contain any chemicals that might harm you. Check it, they have great reviews. Anyway, have a lovely one!
  11. Try Dermify on Amazon. As it is a natural acne solution, it is non aggressive for the skin and works great for sensitive skin like mine. It not only cleared my acne but left my skin moisturized. Check their reviews and give it a try. It also comes with a free moisturizer. Hope that helps!
  12. Hi Peeledbanana! My question would rather be: does it work for you? For me, that seems to be a lot of products you are using that might result in irritating the skin. I can suggest you to try the acne solution that I have been using for some time and that has never failed me. It is called Dermify and is all organic, check it on Amazon, they have glowing reviews and also when you order, it comes with the free moisturizer so you'll have all you need Hope this helps
  13. Hi Prettybow, You might want to try Dermify which is an organic acne solution that might help you solve your acne issues without causing any damages. It has no chemicals and is safer than many of the OTC products you find on the markets. As a matter of fact I tried many of them, especially those that have been heavily advertized and realized they did not worked for me. About Accutane that I also tried, my stomach could not take it. I believe other people suffered from worse consequences. The
  14. Hi Steinway2000, I know too well how it feels to try everything without any success. Not only you are stuck with the acne and sometimes the skin even gets worse, painful, dry etc.. I can only recommend the product I am using right now. after I tried pretty much all the OTC & common prescription acne solutions, I decided to look for something more natural and non aggressive for my sensitive skin. I discovered Dermify, an organic acne solution on Amazon, read the reviews and gave it a try
  15. Why don't you try a natural alternative? I have tried many products (OTC and with prescription, including accutane) and all those chemicals did nothing good to my skin. In the best case it would clear it and dry it out (so I have to carry a moisturizer all the time with me), in the worse case I got some stomach issues due to accutane. Anyhow, while I was desperate and looking for a natural remedy, I discovered Dermify on Amazon, read the raving reviews and gave it a try. Not only it is 100% org