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  1. Ok, one more thing to stress: probiotics! But, some of us cannot tolerate fermented foods, and that includes most probiotic strains. I suggest introducing SINGLE strains at a lower dosage (always start a new supplement at a lower than prescribed dose) and see how you do. If you can tolerate yogurt, then you should try acidophilus. I used to take Solgar, and now I am happy with Now Foods' acidophilus. My skin looks healthier and a bit brighter. Other things that have helped me: avoid unnece
  2. This might be an allergy to your toothpaste and/or mouthwash. Try to avoid SLS (sulfates) in your mouth, and also in the products you put in that area, and see if it makes a difference.
  3. Hi everyone! I check the forums periodically. Leave a message here if you have any requests or questions.

  4. I miss these kind of threads! If every "clean" diet has not worked for you, try a low histamine diet and lifestyle. It has really changed my life for the better, though I had to sacrifice a lot of my favorite foods and products.
  5. Hello, I still take DIM but now I don't need it as much, so I only take it when I'm PMSing, right before my period until I start spotting. Initially, I took about half a capsule (from the regular 100mg) every day until my skin cleared. This lasted for about 6 months, but I saw improvement almost right away.
  6. I do RF as an add-on to facials.....not the laser-strength though, more like a stronger form of high frequency.
  7. My scars get more noticeable with weight loss/ collagen loss and age. Yes, I am very cautious about fillers...trying to see if I can improve the situation gently, but it seems that more intense treatments might be needed.
  8. Just checked my messages for the first time in a few years... sorry for not responding. All the info I have to share is public, anything else is repetitive. Check my log.  .

  9. I have done a lactic peel last week, after 3 months of not doing anything besides moisturize and home-made face masks. My skin is very dry. I generally have a very minimalist approach to skincare by default, but yeah, I will try to just let it do its thing. Sure, feel free to DM me your photos.
  10. thanks for the feedback. That's exactly my worry: turning a smaller problem into a larger one. I don't know much about fillers, but I will look into this. They are very expensive though. How long do they last? Good suggestions. Yes, texture is definitely an issue. The only peels I can tolerate are lactic ones, and my skin looks better for a few days after, but then I return to clogged pores and uneven texture. I rarely wear makeup and clean my face regularly, so I don't think it's an exte
  11. Hi everyone, I started a new thread where I post horrible photos of my self. Let me know if you have any feedback. I don't think it's lupus...I posted photos
  12. Hi everyone, Some of you have been following my journey with acne in the past. I haven't posted in a while, but if you are interested, I can update my Log (linked on my profile) with how I got my acne under control. I'm here because I don't have much knowledge on scars, and I am hoping for some recommendations. I took some photos of my skin in the WORST lighting possible - I know in other lighting the scars are not as noticeable, especially with makeup. However, I am also experiencing
  13. Hi @boafriend, I'm dealing with this issue too currently. Could it be linked to Vitamin A by any chance? I have been taking a skin supplement with beta-carotene for over 6 months now, and last month my skin has gotten thinner, more sensitive and more prone to scarring. I have been reacting to products I used to be fine with...no idea why this is happening. @jelly seems to have gotten it from an overdose of vitamin A (retinol type), which is something that is lesser known about accutane. I w
  14. Hey Pianina, I haven't logged in for a few months. Hope everything is well with you. Just wanted to add something to my routine, for those still following. I still do all of the above, and I have added l-glutamine powder to help with gut healing (just pure powder, no fillers or capsules, by Source Naturals - the only brand I've tried so far). I take very little (1/4 tea spoon) every morning on an empty stomach. I have been taking it for almost 2 months now, and have noticed improvement