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  1. Going out tonight but some 2 whiteheads. Don't won't to pop them because we know what happens.. Any products that will get rid of them within' a day or just reduce the size? P.S: Something I could pick up from the store(Live in the UK, btw).
  2. Look it up. But my doctor tells me applying a good moisturiser will get off them.
  3. I'm currently using Duac right now, but I've been recommended by members to go for Dan's Regimen. I suffer from; Acne Whiteheads Black heads Small bumps(skin coloured bumps) Redness Loss of skin tone/colour If you could suggest a kit that would help, it would be great. And if Dan's kit doesn't support any listed, could you provide a product. Doesn't matter the cost. Appreciated. - Guy
  4. Brilliantly explained. But surely this is something that we should know. We get spots in our teenage years, why? Because that's when our hormones start to flip. The more you watch porn and get turned on, the more likely you are to grow a spot or two.
  5. I suffered from Oily Skin when I was 13. It lasted a couple of weeks, but what seemed to help was drinking water. I didn't take any medication at the time and seemed to work great!
  6. NOTE!: I didn't know how to write up a review on the 'Review' page, so the review will be taken here. Review will contain information from 'my experiance' using Duac. This is my first review, but, enjoy. For: Mild and Moderate acne sufferers. Duac, we've heard of it before but what is it like? Does it actually work, or is it just another bull shit product that we waste our money on?(Yep. Directed straight at you Clearasil!). Hopefully in this review, you would take some thought on purc
  7. Thanks, I'll be sure to look at the regimen. My diet? Would just be what ever I eat. I drink quite a few paints of water daily, and sweets now and then, and just a normal dinner.
  8. WARNING! WALLS OF TEXT YOUR WAY, BEWARE! Concern: I have some concerns about my skin, and some a major obligation to get rid of it. My skin isn't anything major, it's ridiculed all over my face majorly, but from just some spots and black head in cretin areas, no doubt it's going to start spreading. Introduction: My skin isn't really special in anyway. I don't know if it's sensitive or not, but I do know it's just another teenagers punishment from nature, for growing up. The proble