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  1. I'm so happy to read this ! It's great to just have one less thing to worry about . I hope eventually I will get there ...
  2. Ahh . I don't know if it's making a difference . It kinda helps with the feeling of inflammation . But Idk . lol.
  3. I have been using Sea buckthorn oil for like 2-3 days now. I don't know as to how it works or how specifically I should use it . It smells a bit strong & gives my skin a bit of a tingle & also is very orange & yellowy on my skin . If anyone else uses it & has any tips or if it works for them or has made things worse I'd love to know =)
  4. Aww, That's good that your skin is looking pretty good in my opinion !
  5. Aww . Well I'm so happy for you ! I hope u continue to progress ! I flush ! But that wasn't due to accutane. I've been flushing for like 2 years now. It came about when I was using Retin- A . I hope yours gets better . Mine wont go away !
  6. How is your skin looking ? I hope your clearing up just fine you're* lol
  7. Yaaaay ! Ur almost through ! Aren't u excited ? Though I can tell ur anxious . I guess I'll have to get back on it whenever I can . I'm happy for you (:
  8. Omg! How do you get rid of Hickies Fast ? I know this is totally off topic but it's driving me nuts & I have to go to work at 2 and there is no way to hide them ! They're huge & embarrassing ! I definitely don't want my boss to see them . I'll like be humiliated .
  9. Hey girl! How's it going - did you ever make it back on accutane? I LOVE neosporin! I use it all the time - in fact, I use it on my lips and then load up my actives (and HP) with it and cover in a bandaid before bed almost everynight. I'm lucky that I have such an understanding boyfriend - he thinks its funny that I have bandaids on my face all the time - he calls me Nelly. Nope but I've been drinking tons of carrot juice lol. My skin isn't really broken out much. My chest was completely clea
  10. Blush? As in, turning red? Lol. Yeah! It happens to me so much Yes!! This happens to me too It's quite horrible. & it feels like my face is super hot. It makes me pissed ! Omg. It's like embarrassing.. But mine started when I began using Retin-A before I ever started Accutane but it still hasn't gone away. It's kinda better though. Still there though. And if I'm mad or embarrassed or sneeze or something I turn real red. Ahhh!
  11. Blush? As in, turning red? Lol. Yeah! It happens to me so much :(
  12. Do u ever blush? I know that's random but ugh .. I guess I'm just aggravated because I always blush and it's sooo embarrassing.