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  1. Best to fade hyper pigmentation!

    fades scars fades hyper pigmentation It really helps fade hyper pigmentation fast. it also made my skin look brighter and fresh.
  2. KennaSwims

    Love it!

    Love it!

    clears acne gentle light weight none I love this product mostly because it is so light weight and goes on smooth and dries pretty fast. It does clear up acne better than the 10% BP out there.
  3. KennaSwims

    Swimming And Back Acne?

    I must confess, in my 30's I didn't think I would be writing about back acne or scars or anything related to it. I was told that this was just a teenage thing, I should be over these little bumps on my back long before I turn 20, 21 max. Well, turns out for some of us, that is really not true. I was twelve when I first noticed small white heads on my forehead and a few on my upper back. The first few years were not that bad, it rarely affected my life or my self esteem, somewhere in my