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  1. No don't drink Alcohol almost at all. But when I do - Yes, I do get break outs. At most I drink a bottle of beer once in while and it causes no problems. Weed has no effect on me, but I very rarely practice that. I don't do weight lifting so I don't know. I do rock climbing and bouldering. Never noticed any correlation.
  2. This is the post I made 4 years ago when my acne was affecting my personal life, confidence and occupied a lot of my time. Please keep in mind some of my views have changed (I'm going to elaborate in this post). After following that regimen for a few months in 2013 the situation has become normal and I stopped looking at this forum. Recently I've noticed this forum has been sending me summaries of recent posts and I thought "Why don't I unsubscribe? I know my stuff" but before that I