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  1. No don't drink Alcohol almost at all. But when I do - Yes, I do get break outs. At most I drink a bottle of beer once in while and it causes no problems. Weed has no effect on me, but I very rarely practice that. I don't do weight lifting so I don't know. I do rock climbing and bouldering. Never noticed any correlation.
  2. This is the post I made 4 years ago when my acne was affecting my personal life, confidence and occupied a lot of my time. Please keep in mind some of my views have changed (I'm going to elaborate in this post). After following that regimen for a few months in 2013 the situation has become normal and I stopped looking at this forum. Recently I've noticed this forum has been sending me summaries of recent posts and I thought "Why don't I unsubscribe? I know my stuff" but before that I
  3. Diet results only show in about week/2 weeks (for me), that is removing something from your diet. From your list I could see beer as a major trigger. Alcohol, and weed are a big no if you are trying to keep your acne under control. At least that's what I know. Also for me it was also the need to cut down sugar in my diet (I don't eat anything like cakes, sweets and eat less sweet foods overall). And a big thing for me were spices, as soon as I ate anything overly spicy - I broke out the next d
  4. I will, but not now. Too early to conclude a success, I will post once most of the scars fade and when more time goes by. I'm sorry, I just can't be bothered to learn those names If you want to know what I do, just watch the video that I posted, I do remember the names you mentioned were there. It's not only breathing it's also some asanas for your gut, back, blood flow.
  5. Not enough time for you diet to take change and seems like not strict enough. If you still eat occasional gluten, that might be it. Also check your meat and fish, do you know where they come from? What kind of meat do you eat? What kind of fish? You need to identify whether it's your gut causing the problem or food causing the problems in your hormones. If both, first fix the gut problem, see how it goes. To fix the gut problems, start taking coconut oil with your food, 3-4 table spoons
  6. I do the whole thing that Baba Ramdev shows in the video above. I don't know the names really, I don't need them
  7. Yeah, if you have a strong will, it will work. Update... 1 week passed, ALL the cysts I had 2 weeks ago are gone, 2 whiteheads left. Overall healthy glow of skin, not oily (not excessively, as much as needs to be), pores are clear. I have to mention that I am practicing Pranayam now (5 days in). If you wish to know what it is and how it can help you in many ways watch this instruction by Baba Ramdev: It's a very long video, however I highly recommend. Here's a shorter versio
  8. Try coconut oil, it works both ways, regulating your weight. Also you haven't provided a clear diet, so it's hard to say what's wrong but look I eat vegetarian, sugar-free yadi yada food and I gain weight, while exercising.
  9. Hi, If you are dealing with stress by masturbation, it's obviously not the right thing to do. To deal with stress I'd suggest looking into Pranayam and Yoga practice. Daily practice of both will make you stress free.
  10. 2 weeks since the excess iodine intake with a big seafood platter I ate (fish, shrimp, squid rings) in a restaurant, breaking my strict diet (for no reason actually other than boredom). As I posted earlier, cysts formed on jawline in 1-2 days, proceeded to be there for a week, not erupting for a while. Early this week all of them came out completely nearly at the same time, healed by the end of the week, healing the rest of them. No new formations, clearing out. Diet is still strict, skin is com
  11. This is completely untrue. There is simply no difference in the process (it's all friction) other than during sex it's just more pleasure and more of a release. Also during sex you have cardio pretty much, so it might be good for you just because of that. Sex is relaxing not because of the actual orgasm. You don't get acne from the masturbation act itself, it's hormonal imbalances and fluctuations that cause it (that is if they even cause it, there are heaps of other possibilities). When
  12. i will positively do the saliva test.but even with or without knowing is it okay to take measures against it? today i woke up and suddenly i have these tiny lil' whiteheads(sharp looking) on my cheeks. am not sure how and why on earth i got then suddenly. i've been following the same routine i follow except for #2 days ago i had one indian sweet(which is like 2 bites of cake,really), #for about 4-5 days i've having yoghurt in fruit salad.(i had tested for yoghurt before.i had stopped havin
  13. Itching can also be caused by candida. If you have candida you have itches and if you have candida overgrowth it will release toxins in your blood and they will come out through your pores. Try and check if you have candida overgrowth, at home if can be done by putting some of your saliva in a glass of water in the morning (when you wake up before you drink or eat anything), basically spit in there and then leave the glass for 5 minutes, if you see that distinct "legs" or "strings" appeared unde
  14. I recommend tea-tree oil shampoo. It's anti-dandruff and all natural, plus benefits of tea tree oil for skin are well-known.
  15. I'm managing, it seems that you can't cure if you are acne prone, you can only keep it under control with a strict regimen of things, here's my recent thread: One you get on the right track for 2-3 months, it's easy to pin point what makes you break out if you slip once e.g. prawns (high doses of iodine) for me. It works only if you have a strong enough will to keep going (and enough money) and to not eat/drink stuff that messes up your system.