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  1. starapples

    Day 118

    HOLY COW. I am now recovering (thankfully!) from a pretty intense reaction. On Valentine's Day, I wore my Laura Mercier Mineral Foundation and my face just exploded! Now, I've worn it several times before, and while I've experienced VERY MINOR itching, I never had a reaction as bad as that day. I wore it only out for dinner, didn't change any of my skin care products, and by the time I got home (about 2-3 hours later) my face was really itchy and uncomfortable. I wash it off, and my face was COV
  2. starapples

    Day 101

    So I've now tried the CeraVe AM SPF 30 for 4 days now and I broke out in small, flesh colored under the skin bumps on my left cheek. Also, a couple of them on my eye contour area on that side of my face where it probably migrated to. It's a shame, but it seems it's a little too rich for my skin. Too bad as I've definitely been able to tell it's a much better sunscreen than the Olay, but it looks like I'll have to switch back. Sigh... just wanted to update ya'll. I'll be doing a honey mask ton
  3. starapples

    Day 98

    Hello! It is now day 98, and I just had my 6th Isolaz treatment today. It went well as usual, but I was especially pleased when my derm remarked, "You're skin's really improved!" So I thought this would be a good time to show some before and after pictures. Keep in mind my skin is still very far from perfect, but it is doing much, much better and I hope my skin continues to improve! (Also, I kind of should have probably used a better camera for the after pictures, but I hope you get the idea
  4. starapples

    Day 90

    Hi everyone! Wow... can't believe it has been approximately 3 months since I started this log! Woo hoo I noticed that I've had quite a fair number of views, so I'm happy this has been helping others out. Clearing acne is so discouraging, and while different things work for different people, I love using acne.org as a resource to see what people's treatments are, and I would not have discovered Isolaz in the first place was it not for acne.org. This community/website is such a valuable resource
  5. starapples

    Day 72

    Hiya! I'm so stupid... I blogged this passed Wednesday when I had my Isolaz treatment, then I accidentally closed the window. DOH! >.< So here it goes again... So I had my 5th Isolaz treatment 2 days ago. It went pretty much the same as usual, and as usual, left me with really soft, clean skin that flattened out any active break outs. In addition, I am super happy to report I don't have to take antibiotics!!!!!! I was really concerned that my derm was going to suggest it since the cys
  6. starapples

    Day 62

    Happy New Year all! So I really wanted to write about my new Clarisonic Mia. I know I've only had it for a couple of days, but it seriously is AMAZING!!!!! I was ready to be disappointed, because it really is just a face brush, but it cleans so so sooooo well! I am so shocked. I don't know how those vibrations do it, but it totally decongested my skin since I bought it 5 days ago. I have the blue one and use the 'delicate' brush. Ever since that horrible reaction I always talk about, my
  7. starapples

    Day 57

    Hi all! I hope everyone is having a happy holiday season Since my skin was doing much better after my last Isolaz treatment, I decided to hold off on it and go in again in 4 weeks. My next Isolaz appointment is on January 11th. Although my skin is doing significantly better, unfortunately I'm still breaking out in 2-4 pustules every few weeks or so. I've noticed as soon as my old breakouts completely go away, new ones crop up and it's so annoying...!! I feel like my skin stays clear for
  8. starapples

    Day 41

    Hi all! I wanted to write about other skin care things I do periodically that have been helping my skin. While most days I just wash, moisturize, then pop on Differin (only at night), some days I do add extra steps if my skin is looking a bit lackluster. These are the things that have been helping me non-medicine-wise, so I thought I'd share. My favorite thing at the moment is the $5 complexion brush from Sephora. I wish I could get a Clarisonic, but being out of my budget, this will do. I
  9. starapples

    Day 34

    My last Isolaz treatment was last Thursday, December 1st. It went pretty much the same as all the other times. It was my 3rd treatment. I am actually starting to see a significant improvement in my skin. I do have 6 small whiteheads/pustules at the moment, but they are small. I noticed that I stopped getting really big inflammatory acne which makes such a huge difference! My skin for once is no longer always inflamed and sore and is now much more even and smooth. The texture is also very sof
  10. starapples

    Day 18

    I'm into my 3rd week of acne treatments now and I'm definitely still purging. I have 9 little whiteheads, a couple of them inflamed. Although, I'm happy to say that I have no new cysts and the ones I have had are still shrinking. While these little pesky whiteheads are annoying, they aren't bad at all. They will probably clear up in a day or 2 thanks to Differin. It's always the really big whiteheads and cysts/nodules you have to worry about because they take forever to heal and leave nasty scar
  11. starapples

    Day 16

    I had my second Isolaz treatment yesterday, and as expected, it went well. My derm started the same way by wiping down my face with wet gauze. She then upped the setting of the laser from the last treatment and went over my face twice this time (she only did the laser part once last time), then passed over my face with the vacuum. I asked her to avoid my forehead because of the hickey marks, and she said that was fine as I don't particularly breakout on my forehead anyway. After the Isolaz, she
  12. starapples

    Day 8

    It has been exactly one week now since my Isolaz treatment and so far, things are well. 2 of those cysts cleared up, and the other is on it's way to healing. Another cyst came up though as well as 3 small pustles but the small ones aren't a big deal. It's expected anyway as I'm in the purging stage and it's that time of the month. Regardless, my skin is doing much better overall. There is much less inflamation and my skin is still very smooth looking and feeling and looking much brighter and les
  13. starapples

    Day 5

    Okay, so my skin is full blown broken out. 3 cysts that have been under my skin for the last couple of months came up to the surface. While my face is swollen and sore, I have to say I'm growing to like Differin. It seems to speed up the life cycle of these cysts. One is already a whitehead, and the other two will probably come to a head by today or tomorrow. While I don't like breaking out (especially with such large, painful ones), they've been under my skin for so long as hard bumps that I'm
  14. starapples

    Day 3

    Okay, so not much has changed since yesterday. But I am starting to breakout a tiny bit -- a couple on my chin and a couple on my cheeks. People have mentioned getting an initial breakout from both Isolaz sucking all the bacteria to the surface and Differin purging the skin. While it kind of sucks, I like the idea of purging as it means my body is expelling all this bacteria and gunk. So hopefully in a few weeks to a month or so, it will have brought everything out. Also, it could be a bit aggra
  15. starapples

    Day 2

    Hello everyone! I created this blog to track my skin's progress as I begin Isolaz treatments. Mainly, this blog is for me to keep track of how I'm doing, but anyone and everyone, please feel free to comment with your feedback. I'm 22 years old and I've had acne since I was a teenager. It has always been relatively light to moderate until recently. In high school I have used topicals such as Duac and Atralin which were severely drying for me and worked okay, but never fully cleared my skin (A