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  1. Okay, so I have been using Tretinoin for about 4 months now, and have finally figured it out. -If you have white heads or angry open zits or freshly squeezed. DO NOT PUT TRETINOIN ON THESE. USE BP. -If you have any blackheads, or "underminers" (angry, under-the-skin/sore) PUT TRETINOIN ON THESE. My doctor did not explain this to me...she just said to use it as a spot treatment... So I am 90% clear now, and feel like I understand how this stuff works (on my skin at least). Maybe this will help someone!? Anyone agree? Byee!
  2. kayrae

    Junel 1/20

    This sounds horrible! Im so sorry. Ive been on microgestin for two years now and it has made my acne better not gone but better. Less whiteheads by far. . Also everything is much more balanced...skin, emotions, period which only lasts 3 days which rocks, and no babies thus far. Lol Not sure iif that helps but theres my two cents. Best of luck!
  3. kayrae

    cleanses softens exfoliates (gently) leaves residue I've used this for a while, and really love it. I use it a few nights a week, whenever my skin is flaky or dry. Its super moisturizing and leaves a filmy layer on your face afterwards. I thought that was weird at first, but now its nice because its like a little moisture barrier. Anywho, I use this and sometimes follow with Cetaphil cleanser and it makes my face feel soooo smooth.
  4. kayrae

    non-comedogenic moisturizing smooth not oily feeling at all La La La Love this stuff! I suppose it doesn't really matter what brand jojoba oil you buy but this stuff rocks. Add a few drops to moisturizer and BAM, oober fantastic feeling skin.
  5. Alba Un-Petroleum Jelly is natural and works just like regular petroleum jelly! just a thought. I use it and its never caused clogged pores. I try to minimize my use of petroleum products too, and this is an easy way. I used to use Vaseline all the time, nothing against it. If your interested: Alba Un-Petroleum Jelly!!!! http://www.albabotan...pose-jelly.html
  6. I haven't tried it on my face, but I use it on my hair and my scalp had a major allergic reaction with red and itchy patches all over!
  7. Everyones skin is different, so I think it takes a while to see if something works for your skin. I personally have been through so many products and kits its ridiculous, from ProActive to Clinique, AcneFree, MyChelle, KissMyFace, to basic bars of soap and all the drugstore acne washes there are. Depressing! I have moderate acne- mostly around my chin and jawline and lower cheeks. Nothing crazy, but annoying and uncomfortable. The two things I think have had a huge impact on my road to happy skin: 1. The biggest thing I've came to realize, is stay with a regimen for a least 3 months, because I have flip-flopped around products so quickly because they weren't working that its no wonder my skin was hating me! Stick with it! 2. Choose gentle products (I swear thats the only reason proactive doesn't work long term...because the cleanser is so harsh) Here is my routine: Morning&Night Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser Dan's BP Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing GEL (my life-long staple) Desert Essence Jojoba Oil (sometimes i just mix it in my hand with clinique gel-but i kinda like the dewey look of it if you put it on after) Some nights I use a prescription retin-A if I have a stubborn spot or blackheads. - this stuff works amazing for me. Also I use Burts Bees Citrus Facial Scrub a few nights a week if I have any dry skin, I follow i with Cetaphil cleanser and my skin feels AMAZZZING. This is what works for me, and I'm sure your skin is different than mine, but I think the key to skin care is gentle and consistant, (natural if possible-which i realize none of my products are...besides burts bees and jojoba oil) I have tried to use natural products, but they never seem to do the job for me. Honestly I don't worry about cleansers being natural, because its on your face for 5 seconds and down the drain it goes, not enough time for damage. However moisturizers are another story because they sit on your face for hours and soak in, I would really like to find a good natural one. I have heard good things about alba and avalon organics, but I dont want to drift off my path. Haha. I like this face now! Anywho, hope that encourages someone out there, as I have read many posts about success and really appreciated it and found it interesting to hear different approaches to skin care. Cheers to happy skin!
  8. kayrae

    Lightweight Non-comedogenic Smoothes skin Oil-free $ I have been using this stuff for years! However, I have figured out the secret! Add Jojoba oil to it and its the BEST moisturizer I have found. Its a gel, so its not super moisturizing, which is good for oily skin or summertime. But since its winter now, I have been adding Jojoba and it is PERFECT. My face is feeling super smooth and clear and quenched! :) I love this stuff so much, and for me its worth every penny and last for like 4 months at least. Add the jojoba if you need more moisture, which you probably do if using BP (which i am)
  9. kayrae

    non-comedogenic yellow skin tone colors! good coverage-but not too heavey none I hate foundation. It is such a battle to find the right match....that doesn't break me out! Bah! This stuff is great, i have never broke out from it. Very blendable. I use this stuff because its the only drugstore brand that has yellow tones, which almost everybody has for skin. Sooo yea. hands down by far my most favorite drugstore brand makeup. If u are having a hard time matching skin tone, and don't want to look like an oober tan idiot or pink face with a yellow tone neck...go check this out. :)
  10. kayrae

    gentle cleanses well/removes makeup softens didn't break me out annoying smell (even though it says fragrance free?) contains parabens (but what doesn't these days) I really like this stuff, its very lotiony which I'm not used to for cleansers. I use Cetaphil too when Im visiting my moms, and this stuff is a little heavier. Im not too picky when it comes to cleansers because they go down the drain in like 10 seconds! Overall I use this off and on and never have any breakouts and my face feels smooth and moisturized.
  11. kayrae

    What Ingredients To Avoid?

    Awesome, thank you!
  12. Hello! First time post here! What ingredientes in lotions/makeups etc should be avoided? For instance, acne causing ingredients, and just bad ingredients like petrolatum and other chemicals....? I'm sure the list is ridiculous, but maybe some of the most common? I've been trying to educate myself about what I'm putting on my body. Thanks!
  13. kayrae

    clears cystic acne, whiteheads, blackheads smoothes skin Initial drying/readness I really like this stuff. The first week was strange, because it dried my face out. I was peeling, i looked like I had severe sunburn peeling. (also, i think applied too much) Anyways I am on my 3rd month, and I never really had an initial crazy breakout that people talk about. Some hormonal breakouts were worsened, but nothing unmanageable. I have cut back on how often I use it to every other night, and that seems to be working much better. I dont use BP the nights I use Retin-a. Overall, really really like this stuff. :)
  14. kayrae

    i like the consistency, somewhat gel-like over drying causes severe redness stinging Personally, I didn't like this stuff. My Dr prescribed me it and retin-a. This stuff stung like crazy for me! I think the 5% bp is too much for my skin maybe? And it was not because of the retin-a, because i did a bit of a test and used only benzaclin for the 1st month and i couldn't handle the stinging(maybe im a wuss), but it never subsided until i wiped it off. Very irritating! So anyways, i've heard great things about this stuff, but for me personally didn't work. (hence the no recommendation) everyones skin is different! retin-a did wonders tho if interested :)
  15. kayrae

    lightweight non-comedogenic moisturizing mattifying $ jar Very similar to Clinique yellow gel, which has been my favorite. Buttt it has petrolatum, so I like this stuff a little better health wise. So i use this for back up and its great, plus cheaper (available everywhere basically). :) great for combination skin