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  1. Today is the beginning of month four. Still on the 50mg, and it's definitely working! I am starting to feel confident without makeup on my cheeks. As an added (and very appreciated) bonus, my scarring seems to be getting better each day as my skin heals more and more. I was lucky enough to avoid body acne completely, so when these last couple months are finished I am hoping for clear, clear, clear and mostly scar free skin. Fingers crossed everybody! I have been running 5k three times a week
  2. I went to the doctor for my third accutane check-up the other day. I guess it's not working as well as she hoped, so I'm being bumped up to a 50 mg a day regimen, up from 40mg. I've been seeing a difference, but the majority of acne is supposed to be gone within 4-6 weeks of the treatment, and I'm at 6 weeks. I hope the increase will speed things along, but this is still the clearest I've ever been. I think I may get that prescription filled today and jumpstart it. I'm almost headed home fr
  3. Today is the one month mark of my accutane (1/6 of the way done!) experience and also the first day of any real success. I had noticed my right cheek looking a little bit better each day, but overnight it almost entirely cleared up! My left side is still breaking out, but it has started the "looking a little bit better each day" process, so I am hopeful. What positive encouragement! I hope everyone else is having the same success. I am still moisturizing like crazy, probably developing a
  4. Does anyone else get nosebleeds from accutane!? My next doctors appointment is in a week and a bit, so I will ask if this is a normal side effect. Man, what an inconvenience!
  5. Ohhlala! I knew to expect dry lips and eyes, but I will definitely be searching for some eye drops... I haven't worn my contacts because they are drying too. I think it could partially be from the beginning of my first Nova Scotian winter. I'm used to a more moist climate without wind, so combined with the accutane side effects, I'm in for a treat! I have also taken to carrying a water bottle with me wherever I go - seems that I am drying up from the inside out. This is probably a lifestyl
  6. Clinque has a really great moisturizer called "moisture surge" (it's yellow and absorbs without leaving grease or grime on your face, and make up follows in flawlessly!)
  7. Hello! This is day eight of accutane. I've had moderate to severe acne for four years now, ad have been on all the brand name AND generic topicals and antibiotics. I used everything from the expensive skincare line PCA, costcos proactiv genric and the drugstore clearasil gels. Then I waited a year. The result of waiting? A terrible, huge 5 month break out on both my cheeks following the cheekbone. Dark red, deep and painful nodules that are starting to clear a little bit on accutane. I st