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  1. Has anyone had any experiences with this dissolvable drink. Because it has so many B & C vitamins I assume it would be good but cannot be sure and am hesitant to try has anyone got any experience of Berocca and its effect on acne!
  2. I am not going to start preaching to everyone 'you must try this' 'you must do this' etc... but i used to have really badly patchy skin and would get really bad breakout (with a few cysts) just as the last major breakout was clearing. I would occasionally have a period with mo fresh spots but this would never last longer than a few days. It was getting to a point where i had terrible scarring on my nose and chin with purply/blue marks all over my face. I was losing alot of confidence and felt v
  3. LUCAS21

    light and invisible after application cleared most of smaller spots on neck from shaving no good on bigger spots takes a few days to see any improvement good for small spots but for bigger more imflammed spots try something else