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  1. I apologize in advance for the fact that I won't be responding to replies given in this thread, as I'm extremely busy running my new company. However, I have some advice that may prove helpful to others. I did the regimen, and adhered to it well, and found it to be extremely useful (got to either perfect, or close to perfect, while on it). However, we all know the problems inherent in the regimen - stained clothes, exceedingly long applications, etc. The basic reason, in my mind anyways lol,
  2. necro's still kicking ass on his gains, just in case ya'll noticed he hasn't been posting. anyways can't say i'll be back or not, but best of luck to all of you with your goals!
  3. great call necro, great call. I'm gonna second dl as the truest measure of strength. No real equipment necessary, no form requirements, just you and a heavy ass pile of iron. You pick it up, you're good. Nothing is as pure, imo, as a deadlift. overhead squats as a key indicator of strength? that is just soo far off it isn't even funny. Overhead squatting is a move that requires skill and balance to perform properly, which automatically eliminates it from a true test of strength. Don't ge
  4. I've been upping calories hard and am barely breaking out. I'm weighing 156, eating about 4K calories daily, maybe a scratch below. 250g protein as well. I'm also taking things that boost my androgen levels, and training extremely hard. Luckily, with my 3X daily application of 'oxy gentle face pads w/ salicylic' i'm doing very decent, almost nothing on my face right now. I can tell my body wants to break out, i think the oxy is just keeping it at bay (i see many small bumps taht i can tell
  5. for the majority of people, the big 3 total is always going to be in reference to their weight, just like a big bench is. 10%bf certainly doesn't give 'shredded' abs to most people. definitely a sixer, but not shredded.
  6. Okay, i'm going to attempt to answer your questions using direct quotes from my past post, the one you're calling into question, hopefully showing you the need to read thoroughly before asking questions.
  7. i was tempted to answer, but your question is kind of the point of this entire thread, so really i can't tell you anythign you cannot read here. some people think it's bad, others don't. as for what brands do and do not have it, i'm sure that google, wiki, etc would be able to tell you, or the next time you're at a store you can just read the label before buying. oh and about xylitol, it may have some potential problems if you think aspartame has problems. don't quote me here, as i'm not g
  8. Denise2, nobody is telling you you cannot post. I was suggesting that if you don't desire to debate this, then just don't post. 'debating' isn't prohibited as far as i've read in the forum rules. And, as i've said like 3 times now, apple blossom nudged me to start this thread in the first place. If you don't want to discuss this you do not have to. I'm listening to people's points, i merely asked you to try to make points, as opposed to just linking to gigantic directories. I'm not trying
  9. No offense taken, nobody expected you to care what others believe. We're here debating this, that's all it is. You don't need to tell me anything else, i'm only here to discuss specific points in this discussion, not chat about you and me. Inner witness? nevermind don't even bother explaining. And you clearly believe two people's words. I clearly rely on the vast body of studies done by numerous, unaffiliated parties. Wow, it's cool you can be so respectful to others. Somebo
  10. sooooo true. or just the pointlessness of saving that one particular cow that caught their attention, and turning a deaf ear to the others that they can't see (out of sight, out of mind i guess... ignorance can be bliss)
  11. I'm supporting it because, based on my research of *many* sources, i don't see how it is an unsafe product. You can make an argument that someone blindly trusts the fda, but if you're making the argument that i trust many studies, on many topics related to aspartame, done by many different organizations, than of course i do! How else are you supposed to come to conclusions, conduct your own research? (my interest, btw, is that my fiance uses a decent amount, so if it's bad i want her off. a
  12. denise2, i'm trying to check his website out, but i've got a couple problems so far. First, there's a ton of stuff being said there with no backing. That means he needs to be taken at his word. You cannot just take somebody at their word unless you have reason to trust them. I do not have reason to trust him, adn i doubt you do. Surely you want to see proof from him. Secondly, and almost as important, you didn't link me to something you're trying to make a point of. You linked me to a dir
  13. jamesw, you're not bringing anythign new to the table. I've already shown that there are many organizations giving it the thumbs up. I've already explained, and offered to show references, for the reason why people complain a lot about it (have you never heard of a placebo effect?? By your reasoning, a lot of people think they have problems with it, therefore they do. So, we must assume that homeopathic medicine works, since many people think their problems go away upon administration of hom
  14. dunno but google will certainly give you an indication of what they're talking about. we're covering aspartame here, no point in derailing this discussion halfway through. also, your splenda is mostly sugar (well, maltodextrin, which is two dextrose bonded somehow i believe). and as far as i know, splenda is FDA, EU, etc approved, so you're probably concerned with theoretical problems. but again, you'll find what he meant in google, this thread will be totally incoherent if we try to cover