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  1. Step 1. go to your local drugstore/ target / walmart Step 2. determine your skin type - dry/normal or combination/oily Step 3. purchase Revlon Colorstay based on skin type Step 4. thank me later * Revlon colorstay is a medium-full coverage foundation, to sheer it out, mix it w/ moisturizer to make a "tinted moisturizer" * for ANY foundation, wear a primer to avoid the greasy look. * primers that aren't really primers, but WORK: phillips milk of magnesia - mattifies, Monistat chafing gel
  2. I know its annoying when people dig up old threads, but I'm just wondering if anyone has found a solution to this "tiny bump" problem?
  3. Asprin? Everyday.....or just once? Thanks for your response!
  4. I have these little pimples ALL over my face (forehead, chin, cheeks, around eyebrows ), it almost looks like a rash because the pimples are so close together and cover my entire face, but I know it is not a rash. They are skin colored bumps, so small it looks like I could scratch them off.... tried it, makes it worse. If you were to look at me from far away, the bumps kind of blend into my skin, but my skin looks dull and aged. I'm in my 20's My skin is sooooo oily, and in certain lights th
  5. You can buy Milk of Magnesia at any drugstore, target, walmart....... and it will be in the medicine isle.
  6. Apply a small amount of the Original Phillips Milk of Magnesia to your face and it will prevent your face from getting oily for hourssss. Seriously, if you don't believe me research oily skin and milk of magnesia, tons of youtube reviews and it really does stop oily skin, no irritation and does not cause acne
  7. So you use tea tree oil along with the BP? Like everyday? Anyways, I actually use the Bp and the oil cleansing method in conjunction, I've done so for about 2-3 weeks now. I bp morning and night, and oil cleanse mostly at night before applying the bp. I do this to eliminate the excessive dryness experienced w/ the bp. I'll also oil cleanse in the morning if i feel my skin is still dry, like in the winter months. Oil cleansing will definitely help w/ dryness and pull out any black heads you
  8. Aw really @Acowles, i was hoping for a winner =/
  9. I've actually heard of people having good results w/ Lush skincare. And I was actually considering the fresh farmacy, tea tree water, and vanishing cream as MY new regimen. Besides the ingredients are "bad" have YOU personally seen good/consistent results? I mean, not every regimen works for everyone. Although its ideal to have no "bad" ingredients, if your regimen is working, why switch it up? For example, I've been using acne.org regimen for a while now, and I am not getting good resul
  10. Does anyone use the Oil Cleansing Method w/ Dan's BP? If so how? Do you still use a cleanser? Which oils do you use? Has anyone tried tea tree oil for acne? Results?
  11. i agree, you have to wash your face...with a soap of some sort. And no, i don't use antibiotics. But the use of those may simply be a correlation with your acne, not necessarily a causation. i think all the bumps you are getting will go away if you remain consistent w/ the regime. don't expect them to go away over night.
  12. Probably due to stress. Or your sugar intake. Try googling your problem.
  13. I get those too. Are you using bp? Is your skin oily? It may be clogged pores caused by sebum, oil, dirt, or dead skin. Try google, seriously has a lot of answers.
  14. This link should answer your question, no worries I get them too. http://www.livestron...und-mouth-lips/