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  1. gosh I don't know I have like 20 on my chest as well does anyone know
  2. I take dr udo's advanced adult probiotics one pill a day yeah i find that when i eat processed foods alot, i get more acne
  3. hey man you can't go wrong with spinch salads leafy greens and lean meats as for proactiv, i recommend against it. there's nothing like not having any lotion on your face. it feeels so much better. probiotics! don't for get that.
  4. i've been suffering with acne for 10 years i've finally stopped it i've done this thread before, but i just want to do it agian for those who don't know about this. 1) eat plenty of veggies and fruits and nuts tofu and lean meats. 2) take probiotics 3) do a liver cleanse 1) no bread and bake goods chocolate and other bad carbs. 2) don't use any products on your face. i've used BP and it really screwed up my face. don't use it. let me know what u think.
  5. i know how you feel i had the same diet as you but still suffered bad acne. then i took probiotics everyday and i kepted up with the diet and my acne cleared i still have a lot of scars left, but it is definitely better. i suggest taking probiotics.!
  6. mine is called Dr Udo's adult's blend probiotics. this is the real deal. the cost is 25.99 per 100 pills and i take about 3 a day it stopped my acne, well, most of it without any BP or washes i always eat healthy mostly fruits and veggies and tofu and nuts.
  7. just to be fair, i'm not eating any processed foods or any dairy i'm just having veggies tofu rice and fruits and nuts i'm taking 3 probiotics a day it has like 10 billion active cells in one capsule
  8. Dr Udo's choice Adult's blend probiotic
  9. even with diet i get one or two pimples every now and then but probiotics somehow stopped them all. anyone with similar experience?
  10. i'm 24 and i've been suffering iwth acne since 14. i've tried BP SA solugel, tetracycline stevamycin benzamycin proactiv proactiv lite nothign works. the best thing to use is diet. eat only fruits and veggies and meats and soy i know it varies with everyone, but the theme seems to be fruits veggies and meats. no preservatives!! stop all creams and pills give it 2 weeks and u'll be fine. as for cleaser, i jsut spectro gel.
  11. i'm 24, i've had a lot of girls having somthing for me. but u know what? i thought about this and you know what i realize? "they gave me a chance, i just never gave myself a chance" to be with them u know? maybe that's somthing to think about.
  12. eat only fruits veggies and meats and soy that'll keep you safe for a while watch out on the sauces though, they may break you out.
  13. just do this have fruits and veggies and tofu or soy have some lean meats.. no processed foods no processed diary no fruits juice or candy
  14. i think it's becaue i'm Asian. Soy and rice seaweed doesn't really affect me. but potatos cheesy stuff bread sometimes even tropicana juice affects me also i dn't know what they put in tropicana juice they say it's 100% natural but i don't know if it's true it breaks me out if i drink it