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  1. Jojoba oil has 2 beneficial effects on skin which speeds up true tanning from the sun and slows down redness. (which means you get tanned without getting as red) Effect A: It reflects away radiation due to its reflective surface, hence it slows down your erythemal response (redness). Effect B: The refractive properties allow UV to penetrate through the corneous layer (outer protective skin layer) and reaches the inner skin layer much easier. Oh I almost forgot, jojoba oil has a good moistur
  2. Hey Ra'Uh, Yes. Indirectly. I tried experimenting different foods for 12 years. You can read about it here. /topic/367113-my-acne-is-gone-heres-what-i-learned-after-12-years/?do=embed">
  3. Hey guys, I hope to share with you what I have learned in my 12 years journey to clearing acne. I used to have moderate to severe acne. (I'm a guy btw) It took me 12 years to figure out because I was doing it by changing one factor at a time, and I wasn't really exactly focusing all my time and energy into it as well, that's why it took so long. 1 - Stress is my main root cause. Even at my best behaviour, I'll still get 1-3 medium spots when stressed. Acne worsens from 2X to 100X mainly ba
  4. Thank you. It's just that sometimes it can really be a pain in the ass. The scars can last so long I just realize something. my skin recovers very slow when I applied moisturizer on top of differin. I have been applying differin without moisturizer, and my red spots are recovering better than then past 2 weeks Week 8 update Had one big red bump and few small red bumps over the week. No heads.
  5. Week 7 Update I had an outbreak, caused PIH scar on my left side, and there was a very big one.. Just when I thought I was recovering.. I just saw Dan's Regimens, I saw that we should not use any cleanser with Sodium Laureth Sulfate cuz it will break down our skin's protective barrier.. Which means i gotta throw away my cleanser Pimple last 3 days, scar last 3 months, or even more.. Damn this is so discouraging.. Really feel f*** up right now
  6. Week 6 update Had 3 medium big pimples... Regrettably I can't control myself.. I popped them Anyway I had been taking zinc supplements and using aspirin mask once a week for the past 2 weeks.. The red marks are fading off faster.. Quite happy about that =) But I dun think it helps with the scar though
  7. Week 5 Update Only 2 significant pimples with pus that cleared up quite fast. However they left red marks, plus the other past red marks The red marks seem to be recovering about 3 to 10% every week Still not good enough =\
  8. WEEK 4 Update My Initial Breakout wasn't over yet.. I thought I was lucky Since Monday, I had 5 small bumps on my right cheek that grew pus 3 days later 5 days later and 2 white heads (on white cheeks) are not gone yet, and another 2 white heads grew on my left cheeks Most importantly, there are ugly red scars I realize that putting on a layer of extremely gentle moisturizer for the whole day reduces the redness a little bit.. But a little is not enough My observ
  9. Update Day 20 1 pretty big pimple way up on the forehead, and a few very small, invisible bumps on the forehead Until now, I do not have any redness.. QV moisturizer is really very gentle Note: Its very weird, I never have pimples on my forehead.. It seems like the pimples are spreading from inner side towards outer side of the face Face has some red scars. Day 23 Pimples on forehead are all gone. 1 small red bump on the cheek, but feels like its growth has sto
  10. Hi, Im a 22 years old Singaporean, Chinese guy, and I am applying Differin Gel 0.1%. I hope to keep a log so as to better understand myself, and hope it helps anyone who want to be understood what they are going through. For 21 years, my skin had pretty much been clear, probably 1 pimple every week, that would be gone in a few days. Occasionally 1 big pimple with pus, but usually I'll pop it it'll recover in 2 weeks. This is the History, you can skip it if you want. To summariz