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  1. hey chickle,

    Not sure what your regime is, but id recommend trying a lower dose of bp and see how it goes for you, u might find less redness(but only if it still keeps breakouts at bay). Also get yourself some AHA+, and use sunscreen, I think you will find this will help with red marks quiet a bit.

    good luck.

  2. hey guys,

    so i have irritation (little red bumps that would sting) on my forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. Sometimes they really hurt, especially when i excecised. I was sure it was dermatitis, so i changed doc and he prescribed me advantage cream. It is a steroid, so dont need a lot, however it cleared my irritation with 3-4 days, no more stinging or unpredictable 'flares'.... and so far so good. So if you have this type of problem i recommend giving it a go ;).

  3. milkaholic 17, cheers for the reply,

    Im beginning to draw alot of similarities with you. I still get acne however treat it with bp, but finding it causes dermatis... vicious cycle hey. But thanks for the advice and ill try some alternatives and try a different brand. Yer i reckon the long tern sides such as dermatitis is interesting and does need some research...

  4. hey,

    i pretty sure i have serb dermatitis aswel, it gets worse on and off but its always usally there. I have it on my nose, between my eybrows chin and on my inner cheeks. I feel like it has been brought on from years of bp, as i never used to have it, only the last 6 months it has really become a permanent thing. Iv have used pretty much everything on it, however nothing really works. It is especially red and irritated after a shower aswell. acne, now this fm.

  5. hey Supbro93,

    my marks have been around for about 6 months, i still get occasional acne, however it is more irrational than anything (flushing, rash). my marks however get better and worse, in some cases over night, which is weird, maybe stress or something not sure. Just trying to cause as little irritation as possible, hopefully this helps, good luck dude ;).

  6. hey doodleme123, could be dermatitis i do get red marks very randomly, perhaps its irritation from that, not sure...

    hey ariesgirl55, thanks for ur reply ;) , my marks are from previous acne however can look worse at random stages for no reason, i also get flushing aswell that can make my marks more red...