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  1. Yeah my eyelashes and sometimes my eyebrow hair wold fall off, and i have very long eyelashes for a guy and they stick to my oily face all the time, my girlfriends hair also gets stuck on it sometimes, its horrible. Ive actually been using that nizoral shampoo for a while now and its made no difference (may have even aggravated it since my skin is really sensitive to harsh chemicals, which nizoral has plenty of), i was thinking of trying something called organic excellence mint shampoo, apparent
  2. wow im not the only 1! Im a 22 almost 23 years old male. My acne has calmed down as well to the point where im dealing with red marks not actve pimples thank god. Anyway, Ive had redness and flakiness around my nose on the sides of each nostril for honestly as long as I can remember, and i just didnt let it bug me. It was hardly noticeable. It then erupted into an extreme redness around my nose, underneath and all above my mustache line. I went to the derm and they said seb derm, and my scalp wa
  3. Hey, im glad to say that my acne has gradually been starting to calm down over the last three months, i only ever get a breakout if i eat really bad sugar or greasy rich food for days. However, recently ive had insanely oily skin, often i have hairs or bits of fluff stuck to it its that bad. Also i had a really bad itchy and flaky scalp, so i went to the doctors and got diagnosed with a mild case of seborrheic dermatitis. This is basically a harmless fungal infection of the skin, however it caus
  4. I was actually thinking about going to the gym, thanks for the advice
  5. No i meant i used to eat food like this, but I've stopped now and eat mostly healthy food, but its made my acne worse for some reason. I use aussie shampoo and conditioner and inecto pure coconut exfoliater, but i doubt its that because ive been using it for a while and it stops me getting little tiny spots. And yes i wash my fruit and veg with filtered tap water. I have been under a bit off stress, well for a while now because of various reasons so i suppose that may be a factor
  6. And another thing. My hair has been getting really greasy, usually within 7 hours of washing it. What is happening to me Could it be hormones
  7. I would still eat fruit and veg whilst eating stuff like cereal, pizza and the like. I just decided to cut down on thee foods and then my acne spurred back up again, which was the opposite to what i was expecting. I don't take any medication and i just wash my face with lukewarm water (i have very sensitive skin) but i exfoliate every 3 days, i find my skin can handle this.
  8. Well cutting out milk, sugary and greasy foods and eating more fruit and veg
  9. Hi, i havent had to post anything in a while since my acne seems to have calmed down. However there were still a few new spots now an then so i figured to maybe start eating better. However about a week into eating better, ive started getting a few spots on my forehead (where i never get spots) and ive got 2 big painfull ones on my cheeks. I havent had these kind of spots in months, what the heck is the logic in this??????? Should i just go back to eating crap? Im 16 btw
  10. Hi, im 16 yeas old, and recently have been using apple cider vinegar as a cleanser and a drink. Im happy to say it has reduced my acne alot, however the wierd thing is that my forehead is totally clear, and so are the upper half of my cheeks. But the lower half of my cheeks, around my mouth and my jaw area always get several new breakouts, particulary the jaw area, the chin isnt that bad though. What the hell is this
  11. about five weeks later and the redness has more or less subsided, but i still get the odd breakout now and then, so ive started using apple cider vinegar as a cleanser since ive heard good things about it. Also since removing the allerges from my diet my jawline acne has faded now, so i would highly recommend getting a food intolerance test done
  12. You sure, its still there on my computer. Anyway here is the link