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  1. Funny. I'm breaking out everywhere, as well, since it started getting chilly. My skin isn't even that dry.
  2. It's getting better now, though. I hope. The worst outbreaks stopped, and the spots seem to dry out and flake off one by one. My face is still very red, however it doesn't seem as inflamed as it did a couple of weeks ago. I actually have a few spots that are starting to return to human-skin texture, from what it used to be. Still plenty of pills to go.
  3. How long did it take before it started working in the right direction (i.e. not making bad acne worse)? Also, are the card tricks a lesser known side effect of accutane?
  4. I've been taking 40 mg/day for almost 2 months, and now I ran out. The earliest I can get a new prescription is in 5 days, because I have to get new blood samples, and the weekend wastes 2 whole days in the process. So how much does it really matter if you can't get accutane for a few days? Being a fat soluble toxin I'd guess my currently accumulated dose will be plenty to mess with my face for the next 5 days.
  5. I'm almost 8 weeks in on a 40mg/day dose and my face turned from bad to GIANT RED PATCH. I can't take a shower or moisturize my face without bleeding. I've stopped showering in the evening, because I can't place my face on a pillow (which, by the way, looks like a murder tool by now) because it hurts too much. So cheer up. I know I'm trying to >_>
  6. My weight is ~60 kg and I take 40 mg a day. My doctor told me I'd have to take it for 6-9 months, depending on how effective it proves to be.
  7. Whiteheads? I thought you got rid of acne? You're not rid of it until it's gone for good. Cysts under your skin will just back stab you when you least expect it, and often won't go away as easily.
  8. The only one who has ever directly commented on my acne is my mom and some doctors. Not even my friends have ever commented on it, even though I'm currently living through a peak of breakout, so bad you couldn't imagine it even if you ate some funny mushrooms.
  9. I hope so Currently, my cheeks are like giant scars that leak if I yawn. I'm wondering if I should keep washing my face (gently, with some mild cleansing soap stuff), or stop doing that, because it makes me bleed? I have like 50 white heads on each cheek.
  10. Vegetables aren't hard for the digestion, unless you actually have those symptoms, which would usually include stomach pain, intestinal gas and hard stool. And spices are usually plants/plant parts with very aromatic compounds. Just because you can smell them doesn't mean they contain more "dangerous chemicals" than other plants or fruits.
  11. The modern trend of detoxifying your body by drinking crazy amounts of water has been proven not to help. Acne is caused by infection, and cannot simply be washed away by water. Water is good for when you need it, but it is not an antioxidant, antibacterial, miracle cure or anything else. Drinking more than what your body requires does not help. /my stance
  12. Oh, thank god. There's a slip of paper in my packet that says "you may experience outbreak the first 7-10 days", and I was like >_> By the way, I've got some flower extract someone in my family recommended. The flower is called Calendulae Anthodii. Really waxy stuff. I've found out that if you apply it to your face and let it sit for just 1-2 hours (really powerful I tell ya) it starts itching a bit, and it's as if this stuff "pulls" all the infection out of the skin, and can even kill
  13. Don't fret. My derm just closed for a whole month, all of a sudden. I was like 'wtf'. Apparently they earn enough to stay open 40 days a year.
  14. Hi all. I've tried almost everything you can put on your skin, with little to no effect, so one month ago I started taking the infamous accutane. I'm 19, my weight is 60 kg (I know I know) and I take 40 mg a day. I rinse my face gently with some Eucerin mild face soap thing every morning and evening, and then apply some oil-free moisturizer. I have cystic acne, deep down all over my cheeks, and sometimes, my face just... bleeds in multiple places. I'm hardly touching my face, but it's
  15. I just read this on their site: Alpha Lipoic Acid - A naturally occurring enzyme And then I left. I'm sorry, but it sounds like yet another one of those "antioxidants and green tea, woop de doo and we cure it all".