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  1. I tested it but not drinking milk and seeing no change. I did that quite a couple of years ago. But for the past several months I've been drinking organic milk only. Tastes good. And I have organic brown eggs with my breakfast. My chin has calmed down a lot, but I am going to look into SIBO. I have other symptoms on of it and I am willing to bet it's inside my body that's causing this, not my skin.
  2. I think I may have this issue. I have other symptoms and other issues that I've gone to the doctor in the past about and all of my research pointed to bacteria in my digestive system. Guess I'll find a good gastroenterologist and get some tests done.
  3. Great, thanks. If this is a known issue, then a stickied thread should be made so people know about it.
  4. Is anyone having issues with staying logged in? I have to sign back in all the time. I am allowing cookies to this domain and checking the stay logged in radio button.
  5. I only put the cleanser in the shower when I am showering. I take it out after. However, I think it's okay to leave in. It is possible for steam to enter, but all that would do is water it down and the cleanser is very strong as is. I wouldn't worry about it unless you have several people taking hot showers every day. And if you are worried about it, then just take it out. A clear mind is worth a lot.
  6. I drink a lot of milk, but I've found that it has no relation to my break outs. After New Year's I am going to shave and try again. I don't want to risk a break out since I am going to a fancy party. I'll sport a short beard.. better than a bunch of acne, lol.
  7. Use Aveeno Therapeutic Shave Gel and be sure to not shave against the grain. Also consider using a razor with less blades. I think a double-edged safety razor is best. Also, consider seeing a dermatologist. You might ave something other than razor bumps but has similar symptoms.
  8. Simple: don't shave it. You don't' want to irritate the acne. Shave around it best you can. You want the pimple to go away on it's own. If you start to get some whiskers you can get a vacuum trimmer and gentle go over the area to trim the hair. The important thing is to let the acne go away on it's own... otherwise it will be back to haunt you, with friends, lol.
  9. I say go with a double-edged safety razor. I found that to be the best. Least amount of irritation. Takes a lot of time and practice and you'll need a styptic pencil on occasion, but it's the best way to shave (and the cheapest). I used Aveeno Therapeutic Shaving Gel. It won't make you break out and is gentle on the skin. I lather with a badger hair brush and then shave. At most I'll do two passes, after that I often cut myself. After the shave I lightly cleanse, apply acne medicine and th
  10. Whiteheads of multiple size. I rinse the razor with hot water and do not use comedogenic products or anything that I am allergic to.
  11. Only on my chin. But I'm not sure that's caused by shaving so much as my skin is fully exposed to dirt and other stuff that causes acne. No other area that I shave breaks out, so yeah.
  12. Depends on your razor. I use a double edged razor (single blade), so at most I will do two passes. That's a total of two blades touching my skin. If you use a fancy and overpriced four blade or five blade then I would do one pass. The less times the blade touches your face, the better. And I've found the double edged razor to be the best in terms of irritation and aggravating acne. And use extreme caution if you plan to use Acne.org's cleanser when you shave. It was the worst thing I ever did
  13. So, I would like to request the help from the kind members of this board. For some reason, only my chin breaks out and only when I am clean shaven. The rest of my face is fine, whether it's an area I shave or an area I don't. I would like to figure out why and prevent it so I can shave. The causes I am thinking of are something like a napkin with food grease touching my chin. Anyone else have any ideas? Thank you in advance.
  14. Looking for something to put on my face besides moisturizer after I shave. Moisturizer makes my skin shiny and it isn't exactly ideal for going out on a date. I did some Googling and found Avene Aftershave Balm (http://www.amazon.com/Avene-Mens-After-Shave-Balm/dp/B000Q31I84) and was wondering if anyone has used it or a similar product. Thanks in advance.