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  1. Mellmeow


    awwh thanks guys, am feeling a bit better in the last few days am ungrounded now... and have stuff to look forward to
  2. Mellmeow


    i dunno whether its the accutane or what but this is how I've been feeling lately. As well as having hardly any friends to hang out with, I'm jobless and grounded.. sooo yeah, i get up at like 10 or so in the morning, and have my smoke and coffee. then i feel sooo tired i can hardly walk. i dont feel like doing anything at all, most days i just lie in bed and do nothing. i dont really wanna go out or see people... im just ALWAYS tired i get these killer headaches that make my eyes so red,
  3. Mellmeow

    Nearly A Month

    my skin is better i have to go back to the gp in 2 months and then see where we take it from there. really happy with results so far side effects: dry skin chapped lips dry scalp headaches! sunburn prone skin tiredness dizziness dry hands depression( a little bit, maybe... could just be my shitty life) thats about all to report tonight
  4. Mellmeow

    Day 16

    i know how you feel huni, had it so bad for the last few years, i don't wanna see friends and just wanna lie in bed aye. now i'm on accutane and its improving great! drink lots of water, and green tea. does well.. i usually drink a glass of water before bed and wake up and its a lot better.. try different face washes, if you have sensitive skin i recommend Cetaphil. (think its spelt like that) try wear less make up, or get ones that aren't oil based.. get a little bit of sun on your skin eve
  5. So I called my GP today and have an appointment for my 2nd month of accutane. Exciting stuff i know! So far I've noticed a huge change in my skin! The redness is pretty much gone, and atm I've got one pimple (it's a big bugger, but it should go away soon) It's not as good as i want it to be, but it's still early, so hopefully by the end of the course i can finally get into modeling staying hopeful for better skin. I've been really depressed lately, and I'm not blaming the accutane for
  6. Mellmeow

    Day 18?

    haha will do! i think i have one, lemme see x
  7. Mellmeow

    Day 19 Or So

    haha yeah it does, maybe I'll try it out when i get some moneys haha
  8. Mellmeow

    Day 18?

    hahaha! nice. oh yes, I am crazy that's what makes me so special oh and I'm not that good at surfing YET... Haven't been able to go out and get fully into it. But when i go to Hastings I have some mates who can teach me. I have an old vintage hand-me-down board from my dad, and apparently I'm the first person he knows that has been able to stand on the board
  9. Mellmeow

    Day 19 Or So

    haha nah I haven't.. they don't have them in my town... and I think they smell awful anyways! like farts haha
  10. Mellmeow

    Day 19 Or So

    haha no i don't live in New Zealand. land of kick butt rugby.. even though I'm not to concerned about rugby
  11. Mellmeow

    Day 19 Or So

    so you know how i got that burn yesterday on my shoulders? well... its gone! didn't hurt at all last night while i was sleeping, and, i have a tan! its amazing! haha its only half way through november and I'm already browning up! thank you accutane!. so now my plan on my tan (oooo poet) is to just tan for 5 minutes maybe like every 2 hours.. maybe less, I'm not sure.. will have to find my balance. but mate am i stoked about that one... my face is heaps better... gonna start putting sunscreen on
  12. Mellmeow

    Day 18?

    lost track of my days and math doesn't interest me at the moment. ok so the doc was right! spend 10 minutes in the sun today and burn baby burn! Summer is just around the corner and its gonna really suck with sunblock and red shoulders! I'm also moving to Hastings for a month or so, where my and Velvis (best guy mate) will be working for my uncle. Hastings is one of the hottest places in my country... my friends from there are super tanned... well some of them, Velvis is a bogan, so he's not ha
  13. just wanna sleep all day need to get some inspiration, but i got nothing Will probably just keep designing tattoo ideas for Velvis (my best guy mate) my skin is awful. just wanna crawl under a rock till i finish my accutane course. Mell out