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  1. I recently upped my dosage of Accutane, I'm on month three now and I've been having a very dry nose, that clots and bleeds. But I've also had pressure in my ears and difficulty swallowing....have you guys had that ? It's really annoying.
  2. So lately on my second month of Accutane I have been having quite ithcy gums. I brush regularly, use mouthwash and dental floss. I've been taking paracetamol to ease the pain but it bugs me. Do you have any advice guys ? And is this something you have experienced ? Should I lower my dosage ?
  3. Nothing new to report. Same side effects and Accutane is doing its job. I had to take a 10 day break from Accutane because I couldn't make it to the doctor's in time but my skin is still staying smooth and with no shine. My doctor said it would not have any effect what so ever on my progress. Day 30:
  4. I think your doctor is probably just starting slowly so you won't get any major side effects, my doctor wanted to start on a large dose instantly because I've been on so many different drugs for acne. Aw, thank you so much. That made me smile I'm not using any moisturizers so far because even though my skin has dried up drastically, my skin used to be SO oily that it is just like normal skin now. I use facial wipes to take off my make up at night and that's it.
  5. Day 25 Just a quick picture before going out, my skin is looking smoother and complexion is way more even. I'm just wearing a very light layer of foundation. There's still some way to go but I'm already impressed by the improvements and so excited for the future. I actually feel pretty when I wake up in the morning with no make up on, because my face isn't a shiny mess anymore, that's a very big accomplisment for me.
  6. Thank you so much guys! It makes me happy that you see improvements too. Life is okay these days, it's still a bit tricky but it's definetly getting better.
  7. Day 21 Hey guys, so I'm seeing some progress. My forehead is almost completely smooth. My blackheads are more noticeable so I think they will fall out soon. I'm not having any major side effects except super dry lips and I'm very tired. Here are some pictures from today, I'm wearing light foundation: Do you see improvement ?
  8. I'm sorry but I don't think you should judge my depression. I had a rough childhood and my depression stems from that. I am also dealing with panic disorder and that escalated my depression. But thank you for your compliments. My boyfriend didn't cheat on me, we were broken up for three months when he slept with another girl and got back together after that.
  9. Day 16 Hey guys, So face pretty much looks the same, I see small improvements but nothing major so far. My depression is starting to get better thanks to an upped dosage of my depression medication and my dedication to the gym. So that's good news. Actually I like to watch an episode of The Biggest Loser if I'm feeling too lazy to go to the gym because usually that inspires me to go to the gym hahaha. I have the normal side effects of dry lips, dry nose and tiredness. I would say th
  10. I'd like to ask you, have any of you experienced loss of appetite on the drug ? I haven't had any appetite for almost two weeks now. I asked my doctor about it and he said that it wasn't a known side effect from the medication. So I'm confused.
  11. Aw thank you. That's really nice of you to say. I'm hanging in there.
  12. Thank you so much for your reply and thank you for offering to listen, I really appreciate that. I definetly agree that forcing yourself to keep up a routine is the key to avoid sinking deeper into depression. Also my medication really helps me. It just sucks that Accutane induces my depression. I hope it won't do it for all of the six months. I can't really talk to the guy because I know he would tell everybody and I do not want to be known as the crazy person in class. I already went through
  13. Day 14 I woke up feeling terribly depressed. Slept for about 11 hours through the night and couldn't make it to school. I felt like a black fog was hovering over me. I was very sensitive and cried a bit. Then I forced myself to get up, shower and eat. I went to the gym with my friend later that day. We ran on the treadmill and lifted weights. That really helped with my spirits I think. I also upped my dosage on Sertral the medication I take for my depression and panic disorder. I hope my