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  1. I'm not sure that masturbation can necessarily cause oily skin but if you're dehydrated at all and are active you have more oil production
  2. Overwashing your face strips the oils from your skin and then your body tries to overcompensate for it's oil loss and then the oil comes back thicker. Using something crazy like rubbing alcohol will give you the same result as overwashing. All skin requires some amount of oil, although there is a point where there can be too much, it's idiotic to try to remove all oil from your face because you won't achieve anything. There will be more oil. As a licensed esthetician, I highly recommend
  3. Although an unhealthy diet can eventually lead to acne, it's not really a direct cause of acne. Although he's right, if you eat things that are nutritious, you will have more nutrients for you your skin. my recommendation is to use AVEDA's OUter Peace Acne Relief Lotion. It contains salicylic acid, but not an overwhelming ammount that will irritate or overdry. It provides a light-medium moisture but also contains ingredients such as tamanu, amla, and bosweiila to reduce the inflammation an
  4. I wanted to add some additional notes to my response just so you can understand why I said a few things of the many things I said. First, when I said not to scrub your face, the reason is that this can spread acne. Acne is cause by P. Acne Bacteria, and if you graze an existing blemish you can potentially spread it causing a bigger breakout. Second, some people don't know the order in which to use a skincare system. Although it may sound asinine it could be completely possible that you co
  5. I understand your frustrations finding a good makeup to use, I have tendencies toward acne as well. I think what's most important is that you find the cause of your acne. A lot of people think that it's an oiliness thing, when that's not completely the issue. In my experience, even if you go to a dermatologist they load you up with perscription medications like benzyl peroxide face wash, diffrin gel, accutane, etc. All of these medications are based on drying your skin out or shrinking seba