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  1. I just finished my last month (6th month) of accutane, doctor said no more . But I'm still left with blackheads on my nose and I have a pimple on my chin. I'm worried my acne is going to come back. Has this happened to anyone else? Will the blackheads go away? Im so nervous.
  2. I'm on my last month but I'm still getting breakouts. Of course not as worse as before but I have a pimple right now and I'm freaking out because I don't want to do another month. Has this happened to anyone, breaking out during the last month of treatment?
  3. I'm on month five of accutane. I'm on 60 mg a day and I'm still getting pimples. Has this happened to anyone else?!
  4. I'm on my 5th month of accutane and feel that my hair is thinner than ever. Is there anything I can do to prevent anymore hair loss while on accutane? shampoos, treatments, vitamins?
  5. I use the Yes to Blueberries facial wipes and they're amazing, gets all the make up off and cleans your face. It's not harsh at all. I just recently tried coconut oil, I used it in my hair, put it on at night and washed it out in the morning really helps make your hair soft and smooth. I haven't tried it on my face and I wouldn't feel comfortable doing it, I feel like it would make me break out. With the eczema type thing I get it on my hands and my shoulders, Vaseline lotion has really helped
  6. I'm pretty sure it has to do with the BC, just go back to your doctor that prescribed you the BC and tell them whats happening and they'll put you on a different one
  7. I'm on my third month of accutane and have been suffering from this cough for the last month now, it won't go away! Has anyone else had this problem?
  8. You should definitely still wash your face while on accutane. All the dirt and oil throughout the day still builds up regardless. Just don't use any harsh acne wash. A very gentle cleanser will do the trick, but I wouldn't recommend not washing your face at all. A good moisturizer will help you through the journey as well. I use the gentle cleanser and moisturizer by cetaphil and am very pleased with it.
  9. I'm on my third month and never had an initial breakout, but some people do. Pretty sure the dry skin is going to be a factor the entire time on accutane, especially if you're going up in mg's. For the dry nose and nose bleeds, I've tried the vaseline in the nose which helps but not enough. My derm suggested I get a humidifier to use at night, I haven't tried it yet but its definitely something to look into.
  10. I had kind of the same problem, although I started with 40mg a day the first month but that month my hair started to fall out more than it should so the derm put me on 20mg a day and said being on that I might have to be on the drug for about a year. I didn't like that idea, but luckily my hair stopped falling out and I'm back on 40mg. The mg's really depend on your body weight, the highest mg I'll ever get to is 50, while others go way higher than that. So maybe your doc just wants to start at
  11. Definitely get aquaphor for your lips, I'm also using Vaseline Lip therapy which I love. Cetaphil moisturizer is definitely my favorite and the cetaphil gently skin cleanser. I also use Aveeno Active Naturals skin brightening daily scrub in the morning, its a very very gentle scrub that helps get rid of any dry skin.
  12. So I went to the doctor today and explained how my hair was falling out, she said that shouldn't be happening so much on 40 mg so switched me to 20 mg once a day. But said I could be on it twice as long. Has anyone else had this happen to them?
  13. I'm currently on accutane and using bare minerals. But I feel since my face is so dry to switching to a creamy foundation. Any recommendations?
  14. I've also been on accutane for 2 weeks. I've drank a few times and haven't had a problem, and I was taking shots.