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  1. 10 Weeks I cant stess how much better I feel about life and myself right now, my skin is spotty and red and dry buuut its getting smoother and pimples are flat and healing. I have one cyst that popped up overnight and about 8 little pimples that are healing pretty fast. Even if I get a cyst its like I dont stress out because I know how fast it will go down and heal with the accutane. I am in love with Lioele Triple The Solution BB cream as it is good for your skin and has great coverage an
  2. Do it! i wish i did it earlier because I can see that my skin will be cured
  3. Verica

    Accutane Journey

    This is so hard for me to do as no one sees me without makeup :( Hopefully by the end of this treatment I wont recognize myself in these pictures.
  4. I get like that also. I wonder why me? And I've cried and it's always on my mind. I've had times where I'd look in the mirror & panic! I bring out alot of anger to my mom for my skin being like this since she neglected getting cleared up for all these years and anytime I need to talk about it because it's bottled up inside.. She will tell me she doesn't want to hear about my skin and she'll leave. I hope you start seeing great results soon ! Then no more "pity me" feelings because you'll
  5. I am almost 2 months down and my face is CRAZY. looks like a have a red mask of pimples blending into each other. The only improvement since the first week is my nose as its nice and smooth and soft. My forehead is feeling like its going to clear up before the rest but tane has made my acne so much worse than when i started. I hope the breakouts stop and give my face a chance to start drying out the pimples and healing
  6. Oh No!! I dont understand why it's so damn expensive in US. Im from Australia and all I pay is $5 with insurance a month or $30 a month without.
  7. yay! It worked I cant wait to be done. Lucky yours wasn't that bad to start with. Hope it works for me because its now worse than when I started.
  8. Day 52 A couple nights ago I felt like a crazy person and started thinking about everything bad in my life. I was thinking why me? why am I suffering like this. I dont feel like I can be myself without freaking out when people see me and having anxiety about it and getting hot flushes and being anti social as a result. Family is fine but everyone else is like having a panic attack and i shut down. Well yer, I cried for 2 hours last night feeling sorry for myself and didnt think I could stop
  9. Day 46 Its been a while but I had to stop obsessing over looking at everyones blogs because I couldn't stop. Nothing has changed, if anything it's getting worse :'( It's really getting to me! I cry at night and I don't go out because it hurts to put makeup on. I just want to fast forward a couple months because this is getting pretty depressing. I don't care about super dry lips or skin, whats making me depressed is my face looks like I have a red mask on and there's pimples everywhere
  10. Hey your skin has so much improvement, how exciting Its just going to get better and better yay!