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  1. You are obviously a beautiful girl. The right guy will be able to see that. There was actually a girl that I always thought was absolutely gorgeous and her boyfriend admitted that the amount of attention she regularly received was a challenge for him. I had no idea she had such extensive acne until she washed her makeup off one night. If I would have examined her closely at some point maybe I would have noticed, but her classically beautiful features were far more distracting than her blemishes.
  2. Actually, that is the way my then-doctor instructed I use it! Twice a day right off the cuff. I didn't have an IB either, but my skin was really peely all the time. I only use .04% of RAM, though. If I was using the .1% I would expect much more of a breakout. I think, too, if you are using .1% it would be better to use an antibiotic or anti-inflammatory during the day, just because it is more potent and irritating.
  3. I really like Jason's dandruff shampoo. It is not as drying as Head & Shoulders (which is my old faithful). It contains an interesting but effective mix of ingredients, including neem, sulfur, salicylic acid, and tea tree oil. H&S kind of always left a film on my hair that made my scalp feel greasy, but hair ends feeling dry. The shampoo by Jason just leaves everything soft and clean.
  4. I think they all contain some alcohol (as a preservative) but the quantities and other inactives may vary. I watched the video and it's nice that she explains the benefits of each ingredient- I don't know about the sugar, though. Every time I have used sugar scrubs, I have broken out in cystic acne. Massage is good for scar tissue too.
  5. Oh. I must have missed that part about not wanting antibiotics. Oops! I have a very sensitive stomach too. Most things upset it. I don't want to have to rely on a pill- antibiotics or BC- to control my acne so finding a successful regimen has been kind of challenging. I don't really know much about topical antibiotics since my skin is also ridiculously sensitive to the most seemingly benign substances, so I am using blue LED therapy in conjunction with my Retin A treatment. A lot of folks se
  6. You know, N.Clare...I went back through this thread and maybe I just missed it, but were you prescribed an antibiotic to use in conjunction with the Retin A? I think that is such a necessary step when using retioids, otherwise the experience can just be too traumatizing.
  7. Oh. I should have explained myself better. I was tired. It was the gel carrier that caused such a horrible breakout. All the alcohol in the base.
  8. Wow. This is a very large post. Interesting take on the reason why people have trouble making eye contact with people born with a physical defect. You and I cannot relate to people with severe ailments. If you want an unbiased, brutal opinion of how you look, ask a seven year old. Children are blunt creatures. I am polite enough to hold a door open for the person behind me, but that is the extent of my kindness for a fellow stranger. I am sorry, but real life does not play out like a liberty mut
  9. Look at it this way: The product you are using now is twice as strong as the one your skin has grown accustomed. That could definitely cause irritation and an initial breakout, but it shouldn't be as bad as the very first breakout you experience with retinoids. When I was younger I used the cream. The .1% in the red tube. The IB was not bad. Mostly I was just very peely and red. Later, I switched to Retin A Micro .04%. Same thing. Red and peely. This year- when I tried to use the gel at .01%
  10. It's a lonely feeling. I don't like going anywhere with pimples on my face. I know it is ridiculous to think like that, but it is how I feel. My acne is gone. I only suffer from a few pimples at age 25(!). I do have moderate scarring on certain parts of my face and it does bother me. I hope your situation improved. It is comforting that you have never felt repulsed by someone else with acne. Suffering is relative, and I am certain that if I did not have acne, I would find another flaw in my appe
  11. Don't quit. Don't quit on school. Don't quit on yourself. Don't quit on trying to clear your skin. Don't quit on anything that is ultimately best for you. Just don't quit. What you make of yourself is more important than acne.
  12. Well, antibiotics are not a permanent solution to the problem. Many people find that once they become resistant to a certain antibiotic their acne returns with a vengeance and is harder than ever to control. I doubt I have to point that out. Antibiotics are really just supposed to serve the purpose of interim management. I was on Doxy for two years, which is completely useless to me now. What happens in the event of biochemical warfare? I'll have to use Cipro and it makes me very sick. I'm makin
  13. I think there are a lot of hard facts pertaining to LEDs, but they simply are not fully understood. Compared to other scientific areas, LED research is still in its infancy. Like most things, light exposure seems to be a double edged sword, depending on spectrum, wavelength, and any number of additional variables that may serve as catalysts. For instance, some bacteria and proteins are deactivated by light, while the same light appears to aid in the virulence of other microbes. Sooo, while t
  14. I used Avalon Organics Lavender Day Cream (or something like that) and found it so hydrating and softening. Until my skin decided it hated lavender oil a year later. That's my finicky B.S. skin, though, and I would recommend it to a lot of people looking for a more organic alternative. My mother likes the Mychelle line, sold in most health food stores.