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  1. when u say cetaphil moisturizer do u mean the one the ones that come in the huge things? or is it like a tiny bottle specifically for your face?? i dont want to break out because of a moisturizer! haha
  2. i use dan's moistruizer. i use all of acne.org's products except the BP cuz my parents threw it out on accident -__- so i use the neutrogena one and this stuff makes my skin soooooo dry and stays white, so does that mean im using too much...?
  3. I'm on my 6th week of the regimen and I ran out of dan' BP so i am not using neutrogena's on the spot. is this one more potent since its "on the spot" ? the neutrogena BP makes my skin about 10 times more dry and flaky eventhough i use that same amount. Does the flakyness mean that it is fighting off the acne and shedding the dead skin? should I NOT use the neutrogena stuff? I dont know what to do!
  4. Note* the first couple sentences are my background so please just skip to the bottom if you dont care about who i am :] so since my mom threw out the new bottle of Dan's BP that I bought, I had no other choice but to try the neutrogena BP since I am moving out of the country in about a month so my parents dont want me to shop online? i guess that makes sense? well anyway, I am 18 and a male. I had the worst breakouts I ever had this past summer which is why I am on the regimen. I'd
  5. Alright, i've been on the regimen for exactly 6 weeks now and the big bumps on my face and the oilyness has gone down. HOWEVER the red marks and all the other mark that yell, "ACNE!" have not changed since day one. every now and then it would be a lighter tone of red but by the time i wash my face again it'll be a red as normal. its not like my whole face is red. its just my right and left cheeks. my forehead and chin have cleared up at least 85% but my cheeks are still just as bad! i did bre
  6. i broke out the first time i used aha but its prbbly because i used too much of it. now i am using very little amounts and my skin does look good the first time i look in the mirror but when i wash it off its like :[
  7. i have been on the regimen for 6 weeks now and my skin is.... -_- i had a very stressful summer this year with everything happening and it made me break out like i never had before. i wasnt used to getting acne so as a stupid child i popped em and now i am facing the wrath of redness. to make it even better my mom threw out my brand new bottle of dan's BP so at the moment i am using neutrogena's on the spot treatment. As soon as i switched to that my skin got sooooo dry after each regimen.
  8. after 5 weeks into the regimen i popped open my bottle of aha and tried it. but i feel like it made my skin more red even though the bumps are now almost all gone. if i were to keep using it would it make my skin more and more red because my skin isnt used to it yet and should i just continue the regimen without aha and wait to see if aha willl work better later? input please! every opinion is useful information to me
  9. so i am not 5 weeks into the regimen and i havent missed a single day yet but..... my face still has acne. most of the acne on my forehead has gone away but the ones on my cheek are still red BUT the acne bumps have gone away. does that means its going to start going away soon......? well here are my most important questions -What is the best way to use aha? just to rub all over the face every night or spot treatment? or only some nights? i would love clarity on that. and yes i have prett
  10. read this right after i washed off my cleanser so i guess im trying it at night! hope it worksss
  11. i just started the regimen about 3 days ago and today i woke up and my nose, just my nose, was pretty red so i got a lil freaked out. maybe I used too much BP last night? im not sure but any help would be awesome!
  12. so i have been fighting acne for about 5 years now and last summer i broke out more than i ever had. this was all due to stress from college exams and girl problems lol. well anyway when i noticed my acne wasnt going away from cleaner as it normally would i went to my doctor and he prescribed me minocyclin(100mg) and the pads that you use after cleansing. These made the huge red bumps go away but I still have mild/moderate acne that just wont go away and I feel like my acne isnt getting any bett