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  1. I can truly now comprehend what marcsheep was going through. I feel so sad inside and feel like just ending it all. If things don't get better soon, I hope to see everyone in the next life. Red wine and sleeping pills Help me get back to your arms Cheap sex and sad films Help me get where I belong I think you're crazy, maybe I think you're crazy, maybe Stop sending letters Letters always get burned It's not like the movies They fed us on little white lies I think you're crazy, maybe I th
  2. Hi Ailla, I had Nlite done at Dr. R's and he told me Fraxel would be out sometime in August. I asked him how my skin could be smoother and he told me Fraxel would be a good solution. It's like laser resurfacing without the downtime.
  3. you telling me. and even worse is that ima guy and i wear makeup and concealor to hide everything.
  4. To anyone that can assist, I heard there's a new laser coming out in august called Frac - something. I can't remember the name, it's like Fractel, Fracsel, something like that. Anyone hear of this laser and know the correct name? It's supposed to be great for acne scarring with no down time.
  5. yes maya i've heard of dr. chu, i've heard he's like the man, are you serious???? Will nlite help with the red spots i have and the pores? Thanks Maya
  7. meagaisnteveryone, don't waste your life on pieces of shit. Finish school and become successful, then go back and check up on these worthless excuses for human life, and u'll see who has the last laugh. I get mad just hearing about how these pieces of shit make fun of people, makes me wanna get a gun!!! But trust me man, ur worth more than that, these pieces of shit are shit that flies surround, and once time goes by, you'll see in the end.