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  1. Back in my final year of high school, there was this girl that had moderate acne on her cheeks. From the looks of it she didn't apply makeup seeing that her face was always bright red. I ended up having a crush on her because of her confidence and how she presented herself. If you let acne get the best of you, people will see that and will associate who you are with acne. If you present yourself in the opposite manner, you will be associated with your personality and other features. In my situat
  2. Thanks for the reply and I'll definitely check those products out. That's what I was thinking, at either ends, both will take a considerable amount of time before improvements. I'm interested in taking saw palmetto, have you gave it a try?
  3. Hello world I'm thinking of taking antibiotics, specifically accutane for my cystic acne. At the moment, I'm taking B5, Probiotics, Fish Oil, B complex with Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin A and flax seeds. It's only been a month since I've started taking half of these supplements and I have noticed improvements. Cystic acne, on the other hand, seems to be unaffected. I assume, it's hormonal. I believe antibiotics will take care of this but I do believe in "time" these supplements will help with th
  4. I choose 50% Lactic acid because it focuses more on hyper pigmentation, than let say, Glycolic acid. I believe Glycolic acid is more rooted towards scars and active acne but also does a good job for hyper-pigmentation marks. Salicylic acid peels heavily focuses on acne. Do some research because there are risks when doing this. If your son has sensitive skin, go with a lighter concentration such as a 30% peel.
  5. Did you ever try asprin masks before you went for the porfessional treatment? If so, did it help at all? Good for you for getting to the point of having beautiful skin!!! Do you purchase the lactic peel or make it by yourself? If so, what is the product called or how do you make it? I purchased the product from Skin Laboratory. You can search it up on google, just type in Skin Laboratory and it should be the top link. On the page, you'll see products ranging from glycolic, salicylic ac
  6. Applying lemon juice or apple cider vinegar on marks, if you want to go all natural. I'm using 50% lactic peel and im definitely seeing results i think....
  7. I'm currently using 50% lactic acid peel for my dark marks. I'm on my third week and I'm seeing noticeable differences. However, for me, 50% isn't enough. I'll be purchasing an 80% bottle in the following weeks.
  8. I just started using 50% lactic acid peel three days ago and already I'm seeing results. The morning of, my skin felt and looked nice and my hyperpigmentation marks were slightly faded. Just be sure you do your research before you get it. It can do more harm than good.
  9. I just ate a whole SUPER bag of Lays ketchup chils, I feel bad but your diet on the other sounds somewhat similar to mine minus the chips of course lol.
  10. Yeah, lactic over glycolic for PIH. At least from what I've read. 70% would probably be too much if you're new to peels. However, what you could do is dilute it with distilled water. A 1:1 mixture of 70% acid and distilled water would give you a 35% peel for example, which would probably be okay. Although I think you should try a 1:2 acid:water mixture for the first time for a ~23% peel, just to make sure. Especially if your skin is darker. If you do try that, you do have to use distilled wa
  11. I suggest icing to minimize scarring followed by applying neosporin. Once your all done with that, forget about it and have a good nights rest allowing the body to gradually heal the wound.
  12. I'd say moderate, haven't taken accutane but my buddy has and it did wonders for him. If you continue to develop cystic acne in the following weeks I would highly suggest giving it a try despite it's side effects. In my opinion the reward is clearly greater than the risk relative to your position and within reason. I also highly suggest a diet change in the mean time. Eat a lot of veggies, whole eat, consider taking vitamin supplements (more towards long-run) and drink a lot of water. My diet
  13. Depends, i have a paper cut that was visible for years (5 or so years). Don't get me wrong, it's still visible but "under certain lighting". But It's on your hand, as long you don't become a hand model then you should be fine.
  14. Hi guys, I currently have a lot of brown/PIH marks and since I'm asian, it's really noticeable. I'm thinking of ordering 50% or 70% lactic acid gel peels. Which shall I choose? I hear that for people who have yet to try these peels, it is recommended to start with 50% but I'm in desperate need to rid my face of these brown marks. Well I recently got chicken pox and I have a significant increase of brown marks. By the way, Lactic acid is the correct choice over glycolic for brown marks amirite?
  15. Hi guys, my heads hurting, my face is bumping and I got that chicken pox swag lol. Anyways, having the chicken pox is no fun especially when your 19 and university is just starting. I have tons of bumps on my face, scalp and all over my body. I basically went from mild (one or two active pimples) to severe acne (six million pimples). I'm not really worried about that since it will dry off but what I'm really worried about is the scarring and or Hyper-pigmentation. Is there anything I could do to