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  1. Well I couldn't take the break out anymore and went back to using the BP cleanser and it got me back to normal. Weird thing is my neck was okay through everything so I am still using the gentle cleanser on it, b/c if one part of my face can be BP free, might as well take advtange of that. Though I want to just use ONE cleanser on my entire face. But it definitely won't be the Neutrogena ultra gentle hydrating cleanser creamy formula. It's just so weird that it took an entire week to start b
  2. I was using Acnefree's cleanser with BP for the last ten years. I still got pimples, sometimes bad ones, and since I'm in my 30s now, thought switching to a gentle cleanser would be a good idea as I've read a lot about it. After a lot of deciding, I went with neutrogena's ultra gentle hydrating cleanser creamy forumla. The first week was great, no break outs, no irritation or burning feeling, seemed to have less clogged pores on my forehead. Week 2, I started breaking out in areas I am pron
  3. I'm trying to use BP face wash in the morning and nice and my skin definitely feels cleaner, and overall is, but I still get pimples it certain areas, it hasn't completely stopped that. I don't get why. I get some clogged pores and some blackheads too. Would a SA face wash either morning or night help this? any suggestions on if this has worked for anyone? Using BP in AM or PM and SA in AM or PM?
  4. yeah I guess I could just stick with the BP cleanser. But I like the idea of trying something different if it'll stop pimples more. or maybe I'm just supposed to go through this the rest of my life like a lot of people do. I'll look into the honey cleanser as an option too, thank you. Weird thing...since I am just going to use the BP cleanser from Acnefree, I bought their large bottle they sell alone of it...and I broke out a lot in certain areas. I saw that it wasn't as thick as the one t
  5. Hi everyone, I've posted to this forum a lot and always ask for suggestions but never get any so, I figured I'd make one last go and if it's the same result, I won't bother anymore. But perhaps someone can take something away from this too so it's not all selfish on my part. I'm 32 and have suffered from acne since I was in middle school. I went to a dermatologist up until college and after prescribed ointments and pills never worked, I started using the 3 step Acnefree. Overall it worked
  6. Nothing? no one can help me with even a little bit of advice?
  7. and I'm going to try just using the 2.5 BP cleanser on my forehead since the 10 seems to be breaking it out without the toner/lotion. Should I use some neutrogena lotion on dry spots? Please help...any advice...
  8. Hi, I've been using the 3 step Acnefree Regimen for over ten years. I only use it in the morning. I'm sure my skin had built up a tolerance over the years because it still didn't work perfectly. I still got pimples, sometimes a new little whitehead a day. I asked myself what's the point of going through the time consuming 3 step regimen every morning if it doesn't even work the way I want it to. I've changed my diet and shampoo, I'm so conscious of anything dairy now. So recently I deci
  9. I'm going to try using Pax Oxl's 10 foam wash on just my forehead in the AM, and then use the toner and lotion from Acnefree's regimen, and see what hapens. I see a lot of people use Pan Oxl's 10 alone, without any toner or lotion. I worry that it alone will cause me to break out...but then again is using it with the lotion and toner too much? My pimples don't try anymore, it seems like my skin is always oily. It didn't use to be that way. So I'm hoping the Pan Oxl will change that.
  10. I've had acne since I was in middle school. I'm 32 now. I've been using Acnefree for the last twelve years, only thing that ever seemed to keep it under control, and that's being nice, because I still get pimples, whiteheads. I've never had it under control completely. I only use the acnefree regimen in the morning. More recently my forehead seems to be the hardest part to control. It didn't use to be that way. I get pimples on the rest of my face but not as often as my forehead. And wh
  11. I've been using Acnefree for a long time, and I'd really like to try something other than BP, or at least figure a new regimen out. My acne isn't in control, but it's not out of control either. I don't want to start breaking out massively, but also feel that using a regimen shouldn't still give me pimples nearly everyday, it should be more under control, especially after having been using Acnefree's regimen for like ten years now. I'd like to just be on a good cleasner and lotion, not worr
  12. thank for the alternate products list, really appreciate it. and Importkid, thank you. I will continue to check out your threat and see how Exposed works for you. Question.....what were you using at the time right before you switched to Exposed?
  13. I've been using Acnefree for a long time. Doesn't seem to work anymore. Awhile ago my general doctor recommended trying Exposed. I kept with Acnefree. Many years ago I used Proactiv, but then switched to Acnefree b/c it was easier to get and cheaper. I'm 31 by the way, so I have trouble controlling my adult acne. I've been reading more about Exposed lately, and though expensive, seems like maybe I should try it b/c it combines SA and BP, and some natural stuff and doesn't seem as harsh
  14. I'm going to try taking some vitamins again...Vitamin D and C, see if that helps me a bit. Weird thing is my skin doesn't get as dry as it used to on AcneFree and all the BP is uses. I used to drink a lot of juice and now drink a lot of water, so I worry everytime I have a smoothy or something with sugar and a lot of juice. I do eat fruit though. I want to just cut out the BP and wash my face with cetaphil in the AM and that's it but I know I'll break out. One time two years ago I stopped
  15. I'm 31, and have been using Acnefree for ten years. I've had ups and downs with break outs but for awhile it seemed under control. I used to eat a lot of junk food and drinks a lot of juice. In the last couple years I've noticed that I can't get my skin as under control. I still use Acnefree, and because I thought diet would help...I drink a lot of water, cut out juice, milk, junk food for the most part. Yet I still get breakouts. I just don't see the point of continuing with Acnefree...doin