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  1. I used to use sulfur but it never worked for me, always stuck to bp. But what I want to say, and I've been preaching this to no end, is to stay off antibiotics. First, they are temporary fixes, and in my case, even a heavy dose did not work, and it ruined my stomach (3 courses over different times). Second, there may come a time when you will need to take antibiotics because you have no choice, as I did for a UTI and you need to know that they will work instead of being resistant to them. I'
  2. ita, you took the words right out of my mouth. Take it easy on your skin.
  3. I don't see how a herbal medicine will help. You need a topical treatment. Have you talked to a derm?
  4. @kelbell812 @Blue83 I really appreciate what you guys have written. It's like you're thinking what I'm thinking. Same with me, once I started to use dan's regimen (around 10 years ago) and my skin started to clear, that's when I gained confidence. It just hasn't been perfect since then, due to stress, or being overworked or lack of sleep. And it's true that I have had a difficult time accepting my acne. Actually, I don't. It annoys me that I have to deal with it well into adulthood, as t
  5. I've got the same thing. I've had it ever since I can remember. I honestly can't be bothered with it.
  6. I would ditch all my acne medications; continue to treat my skin like gold as I do now; feel free to look people in the eyes (I'm shy but clear skin would boost my self-confidence); feel the freedom from the nuisance and stress of maintaining my skin for so many years; and pray that my skin would remain clear. But clear skin isn't enough. I have some mild scarring that I wish I could address. But I'd be on cloud 9.
  7. I have to agree with the above poster. I can't just stop worrying about things, including having acne, and I do have a perfectionist personality. Trying to change the way I think to change how I feel does not work for me. I can't say I accept having acne, or maybe I accept it but still don't like it. But I'll never embrace it. It's a lot of work mentally and practically. I did not grow out of it and my skin does not recover as quickly or as well as it used to.
  8. When I took antibiotics, which was many years ago, not one of the three derms told me how to protect my stomach during or after the courses on the rx. I'm upset because it was a heavy dose each time, barely helped and then the acne came back. I had to take the antibiotics on an empty stomach; they made me tired and burned my stomach. To this day, I cannot tolerate soft drinks or anything acidic. I had to take medication to treat my stomach pain a few years ago and that gave me side effects
  9. There are certain vegetables , like kelp and soybeans, and nuts as you mentioned, but of course milk and yogourt are the quickest way to get your intake of calcium, barring supplements. But you do need calcium to prevent osteoporosis, especially later in life.
  10. Yeah I actually watch Brian Turner, but I actually started using the Acne.org Regimen so we will see how it works out! I always recommend the regimen when I see acne in your condition, which seems like mine, untreated. I've been using the regimen for years with relatively good success. Hope it works for you. Keep us posted.
  11. I thought I'd chime in here, after reading through this thread. Dan's aha is effective at keeping my skin exfoliated. But I can't use that on top of even a 2.5% bp, let alone the bp and any moisturizer. It's too strong. I use bp alone at night. I like to keep things simple. It's just too much for my skin to process. Yes, the aha is meant to leave on. I just find it excessive to use with another product. I use the aha or one of my moisturizers, not both. I'm telling you this from a wel
  12. I can tell you many stories of family and friends making comments on my skin, and each time it would just stun me. My sister telling me, you have bad skin. A friend saying, your acne's better. As though I'd asked them for their opinion. This kind of thing has been going on for years. They have no inkling of what I've been through, not having suffered from acne the way I have. I find it annoying and inappropriate. I've even had salespeople at stores tell me, your face looks red. Unbelieva
  13. I still struggle not to pick as well but I'm able to restrain myself better than I used to. I used to do this chronically. I just tell myself, if you pick you'll likely get a scar, which is true for me, so that has helped. But the real key for me is to prevent the acne from forming. If not, there's still some temptation.
  14. I wish I had seen this sooner. I was put on antibiotics by three different derms when I was a young adult. I had told the second and third derm that antibiotics did not work, and that each time I got off them, my acne came back worse. I also had a very upset stomach for the many months I was on them at a time. I also overdosed the third time. I have always wondered if that's why I have stomach problems today, including reflux and food intolerances. I agree with the above posters to stay aw
  15. I have been living my life. It's primarily due to getting older and not caring as much about what anyone thinks. But I'm still on the self-conscious side. It's hard to help. I do have some mild scarring dating back I don't know how long, I've lost track over the years. I'm just continuing to try to prevent new scarring at my age. It has become harder and harder for my skin to bounce back like it did when I was a young adult. I have to admit I have never been able to accept the fact that