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  1. So I'm in a horrible frenzy " Dermify" (the only product that has entirely cleared all my acne) is on back-order and I've run out of the product. I've turned into a ball of stress I feel as though I'm going to wake up tomorrow with a face full of acne... Anyone know of any other product similar to it? Perhaps you ordered the stuff and it didn't work for you i'd be more than willing to pay for a half used bottle. Yes I am desperate =/
  2. Just curious if anyone else has had any success with this product? I am please to announce that I've found my personal holy grail of acne treatments. I'm 100% clear! It's also helped diminish the appearance of alot of my scars.. It doesn't work overnight but I saw REAL results after the first month. That is to say this isn't the only thing that contributed to the recovery of my skin. I also cut out most to all refined and artificial sugars from my diet and avoid soy like the plague. I also ge
  3. Anything by bjork! Her music has a way of keeping me centered. It's really meditative and soothing.
  4. Did you use it along with the patches? I found it worked better that way. I'd use the cream for about two weeks and then use only the patches on the more trouble some areas.
  5. Don't know if this will help but for me this was a god-sent! http://www.amazon.com/Nivea-Body-Good-Bye-Cellulite-Gel-Cream/dp/B000O5MCPW
  6. The stress I'm under at the moment is having a negative effect on my skin =[
  7. So just a question I wasn't too sure where to post this either. So I've got most of my cystic acne under control, I've got a couple lurkers hanging about but nothing too severe. I was just wondering if I should be applying BP all over my face or in only that general area. I don't really tend to breakout on any other part of my face other than my jawline and a couple of small spots on my cheeks which seem to clear up without much help. I've only been applying BP along my jawline.
  8. Cut out soy and most sugars. A slow gradual progression to a happier me!

  9. Breakfast: Acai and apple smoothie. Also a handful of walnuts. Lunch: Calabaza con pollo accompanied with some black beans Snack; Oikos greek yogurt in vanilla Dinner: Vegetarian lentil soup
  10. Wow I wish I could as flawless a finish as that. It starts off alright but ends up wearing off in a couple of hours (massively oily skin). You've got some wonderful skills there.
  11. I really don't know how to feel I'm a bit indifferent I suppose in relation where I'm at with my acne. It seems as though my face will look just about clear and then WHAM a cyst will crop up. A really painful one at that. I'm also left with horrible hyper-pigmentation. So I'm about 60% clear just not entirely happy with the tone or texture of my skin.
  12. Try coconut oil. I've got the same problem but I'd bite at my lips til they bled. I think it was a nervous tick or something. Anyway seems to work well for me.
  13. Just like to say this stuff is my "Holy Grail". It's helped reduce the inflammation of my cysts as well as preventing new breakouts from forming. Don't expect miracles overnight. The improvement is slow-going but given sometime I've seen vast improvement. I have 2 cups a day lightly sweetened with agave. I also apply it topically with a cotton ball. I let it set for about 15-20mins then I rinse it off with lukewarm water,